The Latest Downtown Cocktail Bar Was Made for Detoxing

Plus, try DJ Khaled's hot hip hop yoga class and upload a photo of your dream date to find them online

The Drug Store, the latest (nonalcoholic) bar in New York. Dirty Lemon

Everything wellness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Stay sober at a cocktail bar: Whether you don’t drink or are looking to take a night off, the Instagram friendly detox drink only available by text, Dirty Lemon, has launched The Drug Store downtown. Their brand new, non-alcoholic cocktail bar is inspired by ’50s pharmacies and will have specialty elixirs crafted by mixologists—their version lemonade won’t have any liquor, but it will be packed with charcoal. If you don’t feel like embracing the latest wellness craze, perhaps you could bring a flask? The pop up at 232 Elizabeth Street will be open to the public this Thursday. via Dirty Lemon

Be the best at yoga: Have you always wanted to flow like DJ Khaled? More likely, you’ve wished for his friendship with Rihanna and the ability to live half as good of a life as his son, Asahd, who wears Gucci suits and is the star of album covers. Now, you can pretend you’re part of the family while at yoga class. Y7, the hot yoga studio, has teamed up with Epic Records for classes full of the social media savvy DJ’s new album. It will be playing during hot hip hop yoga on Wednesday and Sunday this week, which just might be the perfect Snapchat opportunity. via Y7  

Roll around in the mud: If you’ve been hunting for a new Facebook photo opportunity this summer, a Tough Mudder is coming to save you. The next New York Tough Mudder will be here on July 22. If you’re busy that day, you could always try CrossFit, instead, just make sure to avoid injuries. Prepare for miles of mud and more than 20 obstacles, including crawling under barbed wire. Because nothing says summer of fun like crawling through the muck while the threat of being shocked literally looms over you. via Tough Mudder 

Find the date of your dreams: Upload a photo of the person of your dreams (may we suggest Prince Harry or The Bachelorette standout Peter Kraus?) and let this dating site find you someone who looks exactly like them. Of course, if you were creepy you could always use an ex to find someone who’s exactly your type (or to find them, if they’re still single). The site will offer a link to people who look like your photo and show their dating profiles on popular apps. via Dating.AI

The Latest Downtown Cocktail Bar Was Made for Detoxing