A Quick Word From: A ‘Baby Driver’ Criminal Who Brought an Aux Cord for the Car

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“This is literally the rudest thing you could do and also illegal, bro.” TriStar Pictures


YEAH! Baby is crushing it! Listening to his headphones while doing all sorts of insane driving! So cool. So cool.

Hey, baby, I was thinking maybe this time we could all listen to the music. It’s pretty quiet in here, and it’s very weird for all of us riding in the back.

Actually now that I think of it, I brought an aux cord. I specifically brought an aux cord because I remembered how awkward it is for us to sit in silence while you drive. Baby? BABY?

Oh yeah, he can’t hear me because he’s listening to music really loud in his earbuds.

You know, it’s illegal to drive in Georgia with headphones. Yes, it is also illegal to rob banks and shoot policemen, but driving with headphones is still a secondary offense that could add a really nasty fine if we ever get caught. An aux cord would be safer and also infinitely more polite.

Sorry for talking so much, guys. It’s just so quiet, and I’m still super jacked up from robbing that bank. Remember when we grabbed that security guard and fired a shotgun into the ceiling?! Oh, we’re all whispering while Baby does hairpin turns and randomly mouths the lines to songs we can’t hear? Sorry.

Can we listen to the radio? Is that rude? I’ll leave it alone. It’s just really unnerving to be in a car that is clearly moving to the beat of a song you can’t hear.

Hey, this Subaru WRX probably has great speakers if you just want to plug into this aux cord I remembered to bring from home. These speakers will definitely drown out your tinnitus, and this way the music can be a shared experience that we all participate in.

“Please tell me you’re listening to Hamilton.” TriStar

Should we count the money? I mean, we’re just sitting here in silence. I feel really awkward not doing or saying anything.

Oh I know a game! It’s called “guess what song Baby is listening to based on when he turns!” He’s doing a lot of scary spins, so it’s probably something upbeat. I’m going to guess Despacito. Baby, is it Despacito? BABY, ARE YOU LISTENING TO DESPACITO? I totally bet he’s listening to Despacito.

Have you guys ever played the license plate game? You try to find a license plate from every state. I’ll start…. Ok, it turns out we are going too fast to play the license plate game.

WOW! WE JUST JUMPED OFF AN OVERPASS! THAT WAS AMAZING. I bet that would have been so cool with Baby’s music.

Like, it would be one thing if we didn’t have an aux cord, but I was very thoughtful and made sure I bought one for this heist. I spent $10 on this thing, and that may not seem like a lot of money since I now have $300,000 in my lap, but I bought the aux cord pre-heist when money was a little tighter.

Are we sure Baby is even listening to music? What if he’s listening to podcasts? Baby, if you are listening to podcasts, I like This American Life too and would love to listen to it with you.

Like, am I the jerk here? I’m trying to be nice and accommodating, but we can’t hear this music. I’m sure it’s very loud and cool to you and you feel like you’re in a music video, but for me this feels like a really scary Uber where the driver is on a private phone call.

Well, we evaded the cops. Awesome. Cool robbery. Can I have my aux cord back? You know someday you are going to really frustrate the wrong person, and your life will come crashing down. You should have used the aux cord. A Quick Word From: A ‘Baby Driver’ Criminal Who Brought an Aux Cord for the Car