‘NCIS’ Brings in Some Veteran Help for Season 15

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Maria Bello NCIS Season 15

Maria Bello joins ‘NCIS’ season 15. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Rolex Awards for Enterprise

It’s always nice to see a well-liked long running show bring in some talented new blood to spice things up. Once a series reaches a certain point, it practically has to reinvent itself to keep things fresh. Some do it better than others, but CBS’ NCIS may be the best at it.

Veteran actress Maria Bello has signed on to NCIS as a series regular for season 15, THR reports. According to the outlet, the veteran actress has signed a three-year deal with the show, which boasts some of the best worldwide ratings in the drama genre.

But who will the A History of Violence star be playing?

Via THR:

Bello, who will make her debut in the fourth episode of the season, will play an NCIS agent who was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army and served two tours in Afghanistan. After joining NCIS, she built her reputation as the agency’s premier forensic psychologist. Unlike the other agents, she can second-guess and challenge Gibbs (series star Mark Harmon), so there will be friction but also mutual respect. She is a positive force, mischievous and at times acerbic.

“We have always been big fans of Maria Bello’s work and are excited to be introducing her as an agent who not only has a distinct talent, but also a unique relationship with Gibbs,” NCIS executive producer George Schenk and Frank Cardea told the outlet.

Bello is no stranger to television as she’s starred on series such as NBC’s ER and Prime Suspect, Fox’s Touch and Amazon’s recent Goliath. She’s also appeared in several movies throughout her 25-year career.

The new season of NCIS will premiere on September 26.

‘NCIS’ Brings in Some Veteran Help for Season 15