T.J. Miller Rips ‘Silicon Valley’ Cast (Again) for Not Donating to Hillary Clinton

The actor sure does love to speak his mind

T.J. Miller Silicon Valley Hillary Clinton
T.J. Miller isn’t shy when it comes to discussing his former cast mates. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

T.J. Miller doesn’t really care what you think about him. He doesn’t even care what his co-workers think about him. Last month, he pulled no punches when talking about his exit from HBO’s Silicon Valley and some of the show’s major players in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (star Thomas Middleditch received particular attention). Now, he’s calling out his former co-stars once again for failing to donate to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

As Miller tells it, he asked the cast of Silicon Valley how much they donated to Clinton’s campaign prior to the 2016 presidential election. “Everybody in the cast said nothing,” he told HuffPost. “They hadn’t given a dollar. What did they think was going to happen? How had they not joined a fight that they had such strong opinions about? Meanwhile, I gave the maximum contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, not even really being a fan of hers, and further, paying money to pay more taxes. And we lost. So now we have to win.”

HuffPost did confirm that Miller donated the maximum amount allowed and the Center for Responsive Politics found that cast mates such as Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr and Zach Woods were not listed as donors.

Last month, Miller explained to Entertainment Weekly that he decided to leave Silicon Valley to focus on other opportunities, such as the upcoming Emoji Movie.

“I’m not a very good actor; that’s a really easy job,” he said. “I love HBO, but I thought this would be that thing that would change the show in a positive way. I mean, those guys are the funniest guys working.”

T.J. Miller Rips ‘Silicon Valley’ Cast (Again) for Not Donating to Hillary Clinton