‘The Mist’ Recap 1×4: ‘Pequod’

It’s time to go, annoying teen. Spike TV

We open with Kevin and his motley gang of People Who Want To Get The Hell Out Of The Church getting the hell out of the church. They run through the Mist (this is as good a time as any to point out that the special effects for the Mist aren’t great) and find a car, which they summarily unlock with a well-placed bullet. They actually do that. Mia starts to hot-wire the car—hooray Mia!—but fails. It’s either out of gas or broken.

With this, the group decides to finally have a conversation about that whole Mist thing that’s covering the entire town and killing everybody. They deduce that whenever the Mist is thicker, their chances of meeting a horrible death are higher. But when it subsides they plot a course to the gas station, conveniently (though perhaps a little illogically) located right around the corner from the church. 

Back at the mall, a collective panic attack is in full swing. A bunch of games and footballs are procured by way of distraction, and the freak out soon turns to horsing around. Okee dokee!

Meanwhile, returning to the church, the priest is losing it a little bit. He’s convinced that the Mist is some end times shit (who could blame him) and he’s stuck in this church with a bunch of sinners who will probably burn when judgement comes for them. My prediction is that things are going to go south in this church pretty quickly. Stay tuned. The priest gathers everyone in the church to pray together, but Nathalie refuses, because the giant moth that tore that dude apart in the last episode is her “friend.”  

At the gas station, Kevin & the gang can’t find what they need to fix the car, but a guy with a working car shows up out of nowhere wearing a gas mask and waving a gun, so maybe he can help? Gas mask man is named Clay and he’s looking for his son. Unfortunately, the group found his son’s body just moments ago, but they decide to lie to his face and tell him they haven’t seen him. I guess to avoid breaking his heart? Oof.

At the mall, Eve confides to some women over wine that her marriage with Kevin is kind of rocky right now. She even confesses she’s kind-of relieved Kevin isn’t at the mall with her. Ouch.

At the church, tensions are rising between Nathalie and the priest. Nathalie’s preoccupied with a similar incident of “nature coming alive” back in the 1860’s, which we learned about a few episodes ago. The priest isn’t thrilled with her revelation. Suddenly Nathalie’s distracted by a spider she was apparently looking for. She captures it in a jar. Nathalie, what’s your deal?

Back at the gas station, Clay breaks the news to Kevin that most cars out in the Mist are not working, except for a few, including his. Kevin asks Clay to drive them to the mall but Clay declines because he’s almost out of gas and still needs to find his son, who he doesn’t know is already dead. Double oof. Kevin’s not sure whether to break the bad news to Clay, though it’s becoming clear he’s going to have to, and it’s going to suck a lot.

The two idiotic teens at the mall who thought it was a good idea to roll the soldiers’ dead bodies outside to lure Mist monsters decide they are now going to retrieve the bodies with a fishing pole. This results in the brutal death of one teen and an epic shattering of mall’s glass door allowing the Mist to roll right in. An intense moment, yes, but a little hard to swallow in the face of the stupid and confounding decisions leading up to this event. A giant, black, human-shaped amorphous figure in the Mist kills a young girl in the mall, and almost kills Eve, but Eve has some kind of off-screen showdown with it. After escaping the Mist alive and intact, Eve, clearly lying, claims that she simply fought it off. Hmmmmm. She later confesses that the black monster simply looked at her and left her alone, which pisses off the mom of the little girl who died. The mom decides to join the other group, reminding everyone (including the characters in the show) that the mall had previously split into two factions.

At the gas station, Kevin and Mia are in a standoff with Clay as he still refuses to take them to the mall. Mia bites the bullet, revealing to Clay that his son is dead. A fight ensues. Clay accidentally shoots Bryan in the leg, so Clay’s car is finally offered to drive Bryan to a hospital, with Clay staying behind to find proof for himself of his son’s fate.

The mall group all votes to kick the remaining stupid teen (Vic) out so he can take his chances in the Mist and probably die. None of this is supposed to be funny, but it kind-of is. They give him a baseball bat and a flashlight and some other stuff, and Vic tells them all to go to hell. Fair enough, Vic. But this is kinda on you, buddy.

At church, Nathalie is now essentially worshiping the spider she caught, making everyone feel pretty uncomfortable. The priest tries to convince Nathalie to kill the spider and get her shit together. She refuses, so he breaks the jar and kills the spider himself. But all is not lost—Nathalie manages to capture the spider’s babies, which captivates the attention of the sheriff, for some reason. Now Nathalie and Sheriff Connor are allied against the priest. It’s clear nothing good will come of this. In conclusion, the absurdity continues, but this is The Mist and I gotta know what happens next. ‘The Mist’ Recap 1×4: ‘Pequod’