‘The Mist’ Recap 1×5: ‘The Waiting Room’

It all goes down at the hospital in episode five of 'The Mist.'

Happier, pre-Mist times in episode five of The Mist. Spike TV/Youtube

We open with Kevin and the gang driving a shrieking-in-pain Bryan to the hospital. Similar to the situation in the mall, the hospital is full of freaked out people wondering what this whole Mist thing is about. When they get to the hospital, Mia blames Kevin for Bryan’s predicament because Kevin didn’t shoot Clay first, when he had the chance. A surgeon interrupts Mia’s nonsense to let everyone know they stopped the bleeding in Bryan’s leg but he’s still in bad shape. The surgeon delivers all of this in a calm monotone voice that leads me to wonder if any one has bothered to tell the doctor about all manner of hell breaking loose outside.

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Kevin combs the hospital looking for his wife and daughter, which doesn’t make a ton of sense given that he still thinks they’re at the mall, but it ends up just being a plot device for Kevin to stumble upon his asshole brother, Mike. Mike’s in hospital on account of a group of kids stabbing him in the stomach with rebar, and leaving it there. Here’s the weird thing though: the kids apparently told Mike they were doing this on behalf of a boy Mike used to bully when he was a kid, but there’s no way they could have known about it. This, understandably, has Mike all spooked and questioning what is real. He also reveals to Kevin that the doctor told him they’re running out of pain meds and Mike is going to die soon from an infection. Nice bedside manner, Doc! Mike notices Kevin has a gun and asks Kevin if he’d be interested in shooting him to put him out of his misery. Kevin says he’d really rather not.

Instead, Kevin pressures the surgeon into letting him take Mike into the operating roomwhich is located in the east wing of the hospital and is full of Mistwhile the surgeon talks Kevin through the procedures of the operation. The surgeon reluctantly agrees to this plan that’s so crazy, it just might work! (It probably won’t though.)

Mia gets a teddy bear and takes it to Bryan’s hospital room, but Bryan isn’t there. You know who is there? A man claiming to be the real Bryan Hunt. Uh oh! The real Bryan Hunt says a man named Jonah (matching fake-Bryan’s description) beat him up and knocked him out for no reason. Mia is understandably rattled by this, so she steals the car keys and runs out of the hospital and just drives away.

When he eventually comes to, fake-Bryan (who I guess we can call Jonah now) goes looking for Mia and instead finds the real Bryan. Real Bryan wakes up and the two of them just look at each other. We won’t get to see how this plays out until next episode, unfortunately.

Kevin gets Mike safely to the operating room, where the surgeon does indeed talk him through how to remove the rebar from Mike’s stomach and then staple him back up before he can bleed to death. It’s both disgusting and not terribly believable. Anyway, the surgery goes well but on the way back to the west wing of the hospital, Kevin and Mike are attacked by leeches falling from the ceiling. Kevin’s unable to get Mike back to safety before Mike is completely covered in leeches, so Kevin ends up shooting him in the head after all. Goodbye, Mike.

Oh also, throughout this episode The Mist has decided that this is the time to employ the trusty flashback device. Through a series of scene-switches to blissful pre-Mist times, we see Kevin and Eve moving into their new home together; having sex. Kevin shooting the shit with his ol’ still-alive brother Mike, whoif it wasn’t already apparent from his behavior in the hospitalis a genuinely awful person, prone to calling Eve a “slut” to everybody behind her back. Then a final flashback of Kevin swearing to Eve that he’ll never speak to Mike again. Well, now we all know how that turns out.

‘The Mist’ Recap 1×5: ‘The Waiting Room’