Tony Bennett’s Former Apartment Has Been Turned Into a Menswear Haven

Get fitted for a timeless suit in Huntsman's well-appointed menswear club

Step into Huntsman & Sons well appointed apartment. Courtesy Huntsman & Sons

Dapper gents looking to invest in a new suit that truly fits—plus an entertaining story to accessorize it with—should book an appointment at Huntsman‘s New York atelier, stat. Not only will they receive impeccable service, as they are measured for a suit made to their liking, but they will spend those hours in the former residence of jazz crooner Tony Bennett.

Located on the ninth floor at 130 West 57th Street, this shop is Huntsman’s permanent New York location, featuring double-height ceilings in the living area and lounge, a grand staircase (which is apparently just for show) and all the mahogany accents necessary to make this space feel like a gentleman’s club.

This recently opened location will replace Huntsman’s temporary space, which popped up in the same building—just two floors below—last year. It seems the Savile Row destination for bespoke, made-to-measure and off-the-rack suits has really hit it big with their New York audience, as this space is three times the size of its predecessor.

Check out this pied-a-terre. Courtesy Huntsman

The 2,030 square foot apartment includes a fabric library in the client reception space, where the catalog of fabrics are arranged on a 24-foot bookshelf that dates back to the 18th century. Vintage steamer trunks from London are included in the décor scheme, as are some vintage Ado Chale tables and an art deco desk that was created by English furniture designer Betty Joel in 1933. As a finishing touch, the walls are decorated with artwork from Andy Warhol and Anthony McCall, in addition to the original measurement parchment from clients such as Ralph Lauren, Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn.

The Huntsman shop also boasts a private fitting room and a cutting room. The brand has even moved an in-house cutter, Ralph Fitzgerald, across the pond, so he can tackle the daily creation of double breasted jackets and slim trousers.

Not a bad place to spend an afternoon shopping for suits. Courtesy Huntsman

Clearly, Huntsman has figured out how to turn the labor of shopping for a suit into an enjoyable experience that is at once tasteful and timeless. Tony Bennett’s Former Apartment Has Been Turned Into a Menswear Haven