Wall Street Journal Under Fire for ‘Tone Deaf’ Venus Williams Tweet

The paper tweeted out a story about undergarments at Wimbledon with a picture of Williams and the caption "Something's not white."

‘I have no idea what they were thinking.’ Julian Finney/Getty Images

Andy Murray was the hero of Wimbledon after correcting a sexist reporter about the Williams’ sisters record at the tournament. If only The Wall Street Journal had taken a lesson from him.

The paper is in hot water after sharing a poorly worded tweet about undergarments at Wimbledon.

Something’s not right indeed. Twitter

Ironically, the story in question was about 18-year-old Austrian Jurij Rodionov, whose royal blue undergarments were visible during a Wimbledon match. Venus Williams was mentioned in passing because she too had to change her pink bra during the tournament, but the photo and problematic caption still weren’t necessary.

The Journal did apologize for its error—but strangely, they screenshot the offending tweet for posterity.


Twitter continued to hold the paper’s feet to the fire and connected the tweet to bigger issues like newsroom diversity.

Looks like the Journal should’ve taken a page from Murray’s playbook.

Wall Street Journal Under Fire for ‘Tone Deaf’ Venus Williams Tweet