The Oregon Eclipse Gathering Offers Sex, Drugs and Yoga

Plus, watch 'Game of Thrones' to get a date and try CrossFit for free

The Oregon Eclipse Festival. Sage Thomas Photography/Instagram

Everything wellness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

It’s not the Gathering of the Juggalos: The Oregon Eclipse Gathering, starting on August 17, is a music festival with yoga and special talks, and it’s all taking place during the first total eclipse visible from North America since 1979. The fest will have a lecture series focused on immersive elemental alchemy, making for a Goopy good time. Yoga classes include “Sex, Drugs and Yoga,” “Pirate Booty Yoga” and “Deep House Yoga.” If you can’t make it to Oregon, there are eclipse festivals happening all over the world, but no guarantees they have the same eclectic yoga classes. via Oregon Eclipse

Drink mimosas, minus the alcohol: Whether you’ve given up drinking entirely in an effort to be more wellness focused or overindulged last night, you can recover on Sundays at the South Street Seaport. The Watermark Bar is offering a special program for those who don’t feel like boozy brunch or day drinking. Instead, visitors to the waterfront locale can sip on specialty juices while DJ Mixed Feelings plays (much like your feelings about drinking a bit too much the night before). via The Watermark Bar

Try CrossFit for free: Want to dedicate your life to burpees, but aren’t quite ready to make the commitment without trying a box jump or a split jerk? ICE NYC, most famous for offering CrossFit on island vacations, is providing free introductory classes downtown and in midtown. It’s just what the trainer prescribed. via ICE NYC

If you want to get a date, say you’re a Game of Thrones fan: According to, GoT fans are more likely to be lawyers who are into yoga…and they’re more likely to get a date (81 percent, to be exact). GoT fans are also 61 percent more likely to have had sex in the last year, so binge watch all six seasons before the premiere this Sunday to guarantee a romantic relationship. via Singles in America

The Oregon Eclipse Gathering Offers Sex, Drugs and Yoga