Where Does Your Favorite Fitness Instructor Workout?

Scroll through to see where the best fitness instructors workout in New York and LA.
Courtesy Astrid Swan

Sam Garcia, Instructor at Y7 and ModelFIT

My favorite place to go in LA is the Sweat Spot in Silverlake. I usually go to Wet Wednesdays (cardio/jazz) with Ryan Heffington. The music is on point! He creates such a welcoming space and the experience is magic!

In LA I find it easiest to keep everything in one place, so I usually hit Equinox a few times a week. I like taking class from Philippe Bowgen or Shawna Whitlock. Their energy is inspiring.

In New York I like to jump around a bit more. I go to Barry's and take Lindsey Clayton. Her class is kick ass, and I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously.

I like taking class from Javi Perez at Modelfit. He's one of the smartest teachers I know, plus his body is insane.

Another favorite is SLT/Brooklyn Body Burn. I love Katie Cantor. She's encouraging and has so much knowledge about the body! I always feel beyond pushed in her class.


Kara Liotta, Creative Director of Flybarre

When I'm not at the barre or on the bike at Flywheel, my favorite place to workout is Fhitting Room. I love the diversity of their workouts, the vast amount of training equipment they have and the ability to get cardio and strength training in one workout. All of their trainers are extremely knowledgeable and excellent at explaining the form of each exercise, which I particularly love because I find that proper alignment often doesn't get enough attention in fitness classes. My favorite trainers are Dara Theodore, Ben Wegman and Mark Ribeiro. They bring the knowledge, the beats, and the sweat to every class.


Yusuf Jeffers, Head Coach at Tone House

When I'm not on the turf at Tone House, you can find me in a Crossfit class at ICE NYC. Olympic weightlifting and strength training keep me ready for all and any obstacles coming at me. They are a great foundation for more functional work.

Courtesy Tone House

Astrid Swan, Celebrity Trainer

My favorite in LA is a power yoga class with Aree Khodai, and she teaches everywhere from Aura Yoga to Equinox. I follow her wherever she teaches and I have an opening in my schedule.

I love working out with my one of my closest friends, Jennifer Glysson who is the owner of boutique studio The Body Los Angeles that has a variety of class options so I never get bored.

Diana Newton at Fitmix has an amazing mashup class of pilates and treadmill. I take their classes and then they come to mine — strong women supporting strong women.

Courtesy Astrid Swan

Rachel Oyama, Box + Flow

For cardio and strength training I love taking a Barry's Bootcamp class with my bestie Kara Faulk. She is an amazing motivator and makes you hurt so good.

On days when I feel like slowing it down a bit I'll go to Physique 57 for that slow burn.

And, of course, taking my co-instructors classes at Box + Flow never gets old. The combination of boxing and yoga leaves you feeling energized, empowered and super zen, all at the same time.

Courtesy Box + Flow

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, Owner of Elements Fitness

When not teaching I love to sweat outdoors! I do solo workouts on the beach, on the paddle board or even in the park. I enjoy listening to my body and responding back to what it needs. It's always an interesting and welcome change to not be the instructor and work introspectively.

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger

 Kristin McGee, Yogi and Romio Fitness Expert

When I'm not teaching, I love to work out at Clay Spa in Union Square. My all-time favorite yoga teacher there is Lisa Landphair. She's very mindful and alignment based. The environment at Clay is so beautiful and I love to do my cardio there because it has such a zen atmosphere.


Ruben Belliard, Founder of The Training Lab

As a fitness instructor, I spend a lot of time indoors. So, I love working out outside especially during the summer months in New York, whether it's doing laps in an outside pool, cycling in Central Park or running along the West Side Highway.  Being outside gives me freedom and nothing makes me feel alive like the sun. If I do take a class it’s Box & Flow, I leave that studio revitalized every time.

Courtesy The Training Lab

Javi Perez, Instructor at ModelFIT

I find myself working out with my clients in class to set the pace and cue proper technique, so after a couple classes and a few private sessions, my body is pretty worked out. When I do work on my own fitness aside from ModelFIT, I enjoy putting my headphones on and lifting heavy things. I'm a member at Equinox and I work out at the Bond Street or the Soho location. I'm a sucker for the amenities, the space to move about and the really nice locker rooms.

Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Catherine Chambers, Instructor at Plank Pilates

I'm very obsessed with SoulCycle's Noa Shaw. He's a little intimidating to look at but makes you feel totally fearless and he is so sweet. He let me blow out a candle in class on my birthday, and his music and podcast are on point.

At Rumble Boxing, you can't miss with Anthony Crouchelli. As a former ballerina( and current klutz) I'm still dealing with a lot of injuries and he was so understanding. His energy never wavers in a totally genuine way.

I am so picky about yoga teachers and Eileen Goddard at Yoga Vida is a true angel on earth. She is so in tune with her own practice and the room that whenever I walk in feeling like my body needs something, I get it.


 Dina Ivas, Romio Fitness Expert

One of my favorite places to get in a workout, when I'm not teaching, is the Brooklyn Athletic Club in Williamsburg. It's a state of the art training facility without the scene of some city gyms. Plus, it's privately owned and has been a staple in the neighborhood long before the fancier places popped up. I'm super inspired by the professional weight lifters who train on the ground floor. They taught me how to squat heavy and it's truly improved my strength and stability on the yoga mat.

Speaking of yoga, the BAC has an incredible rooftop yoga studio where I have the pleasure of teaching on Sundays at 11.


Brooke Easton, Instructor at Lyons Den Power Yoga

I love The Class by Taryn Toomey because of its parallels to yoga. I get the presence, power, and breath I love, while getting to explore a different expression of movement and expression of self.

Courtesy Lyons Den

Rebecca Weible, founder of Yo Yoga!

I workout regularly at Flywheel on 60th St. My favorite instructors are Bakari Williams and Nowani Rattray. They both offer alignment reminders throughout the ride, have big smiles they display frequently and play awesome music. I love that FlyWheel offers a power score so I can see my progress. While I'm not a very competitive person, the torq board still motivates me to push myself when I know I have it in me. Taking classes at FlyWheel helps encourage me to do cardio regularly because ordinarily, it's my least favorite workout.

Courtesy Rebecca Weible

Brian Pedone, Founder of Quiet Punch

I get in my training sessions at Work Train Fight at 636 Broadway in NoHo. I love training there because I know everyone there and they focus on boxing. My favorite type of work!

Quiet Punch

Aditi Shah, Romio Fitness Expert

Yoga can be physically challenging, but the goal of yoga is not necessarily the same as fitness. Though I practice daily, like everyone else, I love to move my body and get in a good sweat session. For stability and structure, my go-to is a one-on-one Pilates session with Ashley Matthews at Elev8 Cooperate. If you think yoga is hard, go do an hour session with Ashley.

I also love to box with Ronica Jeffrey at Gleason's Gym. Boxing (and Ronica) helped me to work through and strengthen a serious shoulder injury, to build stamina and endurance I never thought possible, and to really embody my own inner strength.

I also love to get my heart rate up and sweat it out with Sam Moriarty at The Class.


Have you ever wondered where your favorite fitness instructor works out when they’re not training you? Perhaps they’re far too muscle-bound to only lift small weights, or maybe their flexibility seems like it wasn’t exactly honed in the spin studio.

The Observer spoke to some of our favorite instructors to find out where the true experts workout when they’re not teaching classes. For some, including Elements Fitness founder Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger and The Training Lab owner Ruben Belliard, working out outside is ideal after a long day in the studio (especially when it involves standup paddleboarding on the water). Others, like Brooke Easton of Lyon’s Den and yogi Aditi Shah, favor the intensity offered at The Class by Taryn Toomey.

LA-based celebrity trainer Astrid Swan, who sculpts Julianne Hough’s dance body, heads to Fitmix, and Silverlake’s Sam Garcia is a fan of The Sweat Spot’s Wet Wednesdays. New York-based yoga instructors from Romio, a platform where experts give advice on their favorites, choose everything from local gyms to intense boxing classes.

Scroll through to find out where you should get your next sweat on, right next to your favorite trainer.

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