Here’s How ‘Flashpoint’ Could Reboot the DC Extended Universe

It's all part of the plan

Flashpoint Reboot DCEU Ben Affleck Batman
The DC Extended Universe may not look the same after ‘Flashpoint.’ Clay Enos / TM & (c) DC Comics

Despite the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, it’s fair to say that Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe has not enjoyed the smoothest of sailing since launching in 2013. Due to the divisive reactions the DCEU films have generated, it’s possible that WB could be looking to do a soft reboot with the upcoming Flashpoint movie. How? Well, the Flashpoint comic book saw Barry Allen (The Flash) create an alternate timeline which resulted in a handful of changes and retcons in the DC universe. Perhaps we’re headed to a same endgame on the big screen.

Here’s how Flashpoint could alter the DCEU:

New Batman

We don’t need to rehash all the speculation surrounding Affleck’s very uncertain future as the Dark Knight. Just know that it’s no guarantee that he returns to the role and if so, Flashpoint gives him the perfect exit ramp. In the comics (Spoiler Alert), it is Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas that takes up the cape and cowl. But if Warner Bros. doesn’t want to go that route, they can always just introduce a new alternate timeline Bruce Wayne or even just insert Nightwing into the role. The point is there are endless possibilities to replace Affleck when dealing with wonky string theory plotlines.

Jason Todd

Speaking of Affleck…Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established that Batman has had at least one Robin by his side in this canon. However, with Affleck’s status up in the air, it’s unknown if fans will get any payoff to this dangling plot thread. Regardless of whether of not the actor continues in the role, Flashpoint could offer a quick peek at Jason Todd’s “resurrection” and set the stage for an eventual Red Hood Batman story. As one of the most beloved comic arcs in recent memory, WB would be crazy not to follow up on this.

The Joker

Last year’s Suicide Squad was truly a mess and one of the biggest disappointments from that film was Jared Leto’s Joker. While his performance choices may have connected better had the majority of his scenes not been cut, fans were still left unimpressed. Leto himself was rumored to be unhappy with Warner Bros. and his future in the DCEU is also far from a sure thing. One Guardians of the Galaxy star is already angling to replace him as the Clown Prince of Crime and Flashpoint would provide him with the opportunity to bow out now. The studio could then replace him or just let the character alone for a bit until they find a match that fits.

Justice League’s Backstory

Many fans have complained that Warner Bros. is trying to skip out on the legwork (never skip leg day, bro!) of establishing individual heroes and rush straight to the Avengers-style team-up in the DCEU. If the studio felt it necessary, Flashpoint could provide more background on each character that can be picked up in future films. Aside from Wonder Woman, who has been in man’s world for a century in this franchise, and Batman, who has 20 years under his belt, all the other superheroes are relatively new to the scene. Without dramatically changing existing canon, Flashpoint could add just a bit to each of their resumes before they do battle with Darkseid.

Here’s How ‘Flashpoint’ Could Reboot the DC Extended Universe