Did IMDB Spoil the Return of This ‘Game of Thrones’ Character?

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Game of Thrones Spoilers Gendry Season 7

Should ‘Game of Thrones’ fans be expecting this long-lost character to return? Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones was particularly explosive, but now that it’s over it’s time to once again look forward. So take this as your warning: possible spoilers ahead.

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Audiences haven’t seen Gendry, the last living bastard of King Robert Baratheon and popular fan-fic future mate of Arya Stark’s, since the season three finale. In that episode, Ser Davos saved his life and put him in a row boat headed to King’s Landing. Legend has it he’s still rowing to this day…

After four seasons, it’s looking like Gendry will be making his long-awaited return to Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the only reason we know that is because IMDB listed it on the page for next week’s episode. So, yeah, not much of a surprise anymore, but what are you going to do?

Actor Joe Dempsie is listed as a cast member for the season seven, episode five installment “Eastwatch.” Normally, HBO is a lockdown defender of all things spoilers. But they’ve been focused on bigger issues lately, and clearly this bit of casting news fell through the cracks.

Gendry was a talented blacksmith in his King’s Landing days, so some have theorized that perhaps he could stumble on the long-lost recipe for Valyrian steel. More realistic, though, is that he helps Jon Snow and company forge dragonglass weapons. Either way, his return should carry some significance with it other than, “Oh look, there’s Gendry.”

We’ll find out on Sunday night.

Did IMDB Spoil the Return of This ‘Game of Thrones’ Character?