Imagined Dialogue: Epilogue of ‘The Emoji Movie’ 10 Years Later

Can an emoji have a midlife crisis?

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A still from The Emoji Movie. Sony Pictures Animation


SMILING EMOJI: Patrick’s out today. Do you know if we still have a team meeting at 10?

SUNGLASSES EMOJI: Yeah, I assume so.

SMILING: Ok cool. How was your weekend?

SUNGLASSES: Not too bad. Um, God, what did I do…

SMILING: Haha that wild of a weekend, huh?

SUNGLASSES: Haha, right?

SMILING: Mine was pretty tame. Caught up on Game of Thrones.

SUNGLASSES: Oh, I had a couple friends from college in from out of town. We closed down Sullivan’s last night.

SMILING: Oh man, really? You have more energy than me.

SUNGLASSES: Little worse for the wear this morning though. One big change I’ve noticed in my 30s is that hangovers hurt less on a physical level and more on an emotional or psychological level.

SMILING: Oh God, absolutely.

SUNGLASSES: Like, if I’ve had more than, say, three drinks and less than seven hours of sleep, the anxiety the next morning just skyrockets.

SMILING: It’s awful. Almost makes me miss college when I could just puke once and then go to class or whatever.

SUNGLASSES: Like, it’s not worth it. I don’t know why I do this to myself.


SUNGLASSES: I think I might just go home sick. I don’t really have anything except the team meeting. I can do a couple things at home.

SMILING: You totally should. Sleep it off.


SUNGLASSES: I really need to start a 401k…

SMILING: Right, but

SUNGLASSES: It’s just hard when, like, living expenses are so much.

SMILING: My dad keeps bugging me about it though.

SUNGLASSES: I finally had to tell my brother to drop it. I had to be like, “Look, I know you have your shit together and everything, but living in Toledo is different than living in a major city. It just is.”

SMILING: Totally different.

SUNGLASSES: We make about the same but I have, like, so much less to work with.

SMILING: I’ve been thinking about breaking up with Shelly.


SMILING: Yeah, I don’t know.


SMILING: So anyway, we just left it at, we’d take a break and do some soul searching or whatever and talk again in two weeks.

SUNGLASSES: How are you feeling about it?

SMILING: I honestly don’t know. I mean, I love her. I just don’t know what’s going on anymore, to tell you the truth.

SUNGLASSES: Can I be completely honest with you, man?

SMILING: Yeah, of course.

SUNGLASSES: I really don’t like my life. Like, at all.

SMILING: I actually wake up every morning scared of the future. How insane is that?

SUNGLASSES: My dreams feel more real than my reality sometimes. It’s hard to describe.

SMILING: I saw the most insane road rage incident the other day.

SUNGLASSES: I actually don’t want to hear about it.

SMILING: Oh I’m sorry.

SUNGLASSES: No, that stuff just upsets me. Adulthood, being grown up, whatever you want to call itit wasn’t supposed to be like this.

SMILING: If you could go back in time and visit yourself as a child, what would you tell yourself?

SUNGLASSES: Give up everything and move into a tiny shack in the woods in complete isolation and spend the rest of your life there.

SMILING: One hundred and ten percent.

Imagined Dialogue: Epilogue of ‘The Emoji Movie’ 10 Years Later