Kim Kardashian Says ‘My Daughter Would Be Better’ Than Trump

Kim Kardashian Donald Trump Comments

Kim Kardashian calls out President Donald Trump. Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian may not be a political expert, but that isn’t stopping her from sharing her opinion about President Donald Trump.

“Anyone can run the U.S. better. My daughter would be better,” the reality television star told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. “We’ve worked so hard to get to where we were and to have so many things that we were so proud of in our country, to just literally revert backwards is the most frustrating thing.”

Kardashian described the political landscape of today as “really scary” and she doesn’t believe Trump has been much of a calming influence.

“Every single day when you can’t really believe what’s going on, the next day it’s something else even more crazy and tragic,” she continued. “It’s really scary, the world that we’re living in now. And when you did feel safe at home, now with Trump in presidency you just don’t feel safe any more.”

Kardashian’s comments come as a bit of a surprise as her husband, rapper Kanye West, met with Trump last December and had said he would have voted for him had he voted in 2016’s presidential election at all.

“Sometimes I feel like I want to speak out more about political issues,” she said. “You have to be really careful about what you say, because a lot of things can be taken in the wrong context and I always want to be respectful, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Kardashian also noted that she does not follow Trump on Twitter, though she does “follow Obama though.”

Kardashian will make an appearance in Warner Bros.’ upcoming all-female Ocean’s 8, while West is rumored to be working on a secret project with former protege and frenemy Kid Cudi.

Kim Kardashian Says ‘My Daughter Would Be Better’ Than Trump