NJ Politics Digest: Trump’s New Jersey Vacation

Donald Trump Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

President Trump is vacationing at his Bedminster golf club, and like almost everything else he does, his choice of New Jersey for 17-day getaway has sparked controversy.

A cliché-ridden Boston Globe article dubbed New Jersey “the land of spray tans” in mocking Trump for unwinding in the Garden State. New Jerseyans fumed over the story on social media. And a Rutgers professor noted New Jersey has a long history of being a presidential vacation destination.

Protestors are plotting creative ways to get attention during the president’s vacation. Gov. Chris Christie said he’d welcome Trump “with open arms” to his gubernatorial beach house, where we all know the governor likes to sunbathe. (In related vacation news, Christie is going overseas for 10 days with his family.)

For his part, Trump denies he’s on vacation. “Meetings and calls!” the president tweeted, though he greeted wedding guests at his golf club on Saturday.

Quote of the Day: “Look, the MTV show “Jersey Shore” did us no favors, and I think Viacom should have been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading their viewers into thinking that the original ‘cast’ was populated by people from the Garden State.” — Rutgers professor Brian Phillips Murphy.

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NJ Politics Digest: Trump’s New Jersey Vacation