Encrypted Email Provider Protonmail Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

Says its hard to resist the demand for payment in cryptocurrency

Protonmail is an email service based in Switzerland that encrypts email by default. Emails between Protonmail users are end-to-end encrypted. Even unencrypted emails sent and received by Protonmail users are encrypted while they are stored on the company’s servers. If the DNC had done that, it wouldn’t have mattered that the Russian government phished their email. They wouldn’t have been able to make sense of what they found.

Today, Protonmail announced that it officially accepts bitcoin as a payment system for the platform.

In its announcement, it stated that it has had an informal way to accept bitcoin through a donation system for a while. “However, the general increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions over the years has made that approach unfeasible and made development of an automated system necessary,” the post explains. “We feel this is indicative of a broader trend, where the increased mainstream interest in Bitcoin will┬ámake it harder for merchants not to support Bitcoin, which will lead to more Bitcoin support, more transactions, and perhaps the continued appreciation of Bitcoin prices.”

That said, it also happens that the bitcoin audience nicely overlaps with that of Protonmail. Both are technologies favored by people who highly value privacy. It might be a while before companies renting movies and selling t-shirts online see a lot of demand for payments in cryptocurrency. By paying with digitial currency, a user can mask his or her identity. We recently wrote about a Google Docs alternative that accepts payment in internet money.

Protonmail famously had its payment blocked by Paypal, according to the Daily Dot. In its post, Protonmail argues that accepting bitcoin should make its business more stable, writing:

For any operating business, cryptocurrencies are an important form of diversification. Whereas companies in the past might have held multiple fiat currencies distributed cross multiple financial institutions as insurance, ProtonMail is now also holding a significant portion of our reserves in Bitcoin.

This stands in contrast to the manufacturer of the Autoblow 2 and other masturbation toys who recently announced his acceptance of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. That entrepreneur worried it exposed him to the unstable value of these currencies. If he closed a sale and bitcoin’s price cut in half before he shipped the product, he’d still be obligated to send it.

The price of bitcoin is up more than $1500 since that announcement.


  Encrypted Email Provider Protonmail Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment