‘The Mist’ Recap 1×7: ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’

Fistfights galore at the mall, hospital, and church

This congregation seems to be pretty O.K. with nudity and Mist-messengers. Spike TV/Youtube

We open right where episode six left off—with Kevin and the gang barely making it into the psych ward wing of the hospital before the Mist gets them. A nurse is there to greet them, and from the get-go he seems fairly suspicious and also 100 percent definitely a psych ward patient pretending to be a nurse. Things are tense between Mia and Bryan (who we now know is actually Jonah, so I will call him that from now on). Jonah is mad at Mia for fleeing the hospital earlier. Mia is mad at Jonah for lying about being Bryan. They quickly get over it and forgive each other long enough for Mia to decide she wants to go through a rapid detox to kick opiates for good. But this involves Jonah tying Mia up as she struggles and screams.

Back at the extremely chill mall, fistfights are breaking out over food rations. Eve develops and executes a plan to smuggle baby monitors into the mall manager’s faction. Why these two different groups are at odds in the mall remains the show’s flimsiest and most absurd plot line. And this is a show about a magical Mist that brutally kills people, so that’s really saying something.

At the church, another fistfight is in the works—this one between Police Chief Heisel and Father Romanov. Heisel is fairly certain that Father Romanov manipulated Link (the altar boy) into trying to kill Nathalie (which he basically did). Father Romanov, who’s not doing an exceptionally great job of keeping his shit together, proposes that he and Nathalie walk out into the Mist together, and whoever survives gets to lead the congregation. O.K., The Mist, you have my attention! Nathalie accepts Father Romanov’s challenge and one-ups him by deciding to do this Mist walk completely naked. The congregation is a bit startled but generally takes this in stride. Good for them.

Back at the hospital, we soon discover the nurse is indeed actually a mentally unstable patient of the psych ward, convinced he can tell when people are evil. The bad news is he’s decided that Adrian is evil, and he kidnaps and intends to kill him just as he’s killed a number of other people in the psych ward. Elsewhere in the psych ward, Mia is screaming her guts out and begging Jonah to untie her. This triggers a memory for Jonah of being strapped down and hooked up to electrodes. Further recovered memories reveal that Jonah was the subject of some kind of psychological experiment with a woman reading random words to him, which might explain why he has no memory of who he is.

Nathalie and Father Romanov enter the Mist—Nathalie armed with her faith in nature, Father Romanov armed with his faith in God. Father Romanov is promptly shot with a bow and arrow and dragged away screaming by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yep. That’s what happens. Ta da. Nathalie returns to the congregation unharmed, where she tells them the Mist is really beautiful when you think about it, and also she’s the Mist’s messenger. The congregation takes this all in stride, too.

At the hospital, Kevin pleads with Nash (the psych ward patient) to not kill Adrian. He does so by successfully convincing Nash that Kevin’s the evil one, which Nash accepts. When Nash tries to kill Kevin, Kevin gets the upper hand and beats Nash to death. The show strongly implies that Kevin might actually be an evil or at least semi-evil dude. This is all extremely grim and unpleasant to watch, and not the least bit suspenseful, unless you actually believe this show is going to kill off a major character unceremoniously by some random dude.

Kevin rounds up Adrian, Jonah (who he still refers to as Bryan because he doesn’t know about that whole situation yet) and Mia (who I guess is done detoxing, this is kinda just glossed over with no fanfare) and they all decide to get the hell out of this awful, awful hospital.

‘The Mist’ Recap 1×7: ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’