These Startups Are Empowering People All Around the World to Start a Business

Many people still believe that having their own business is something that only a several entitled people can do. When in reality, many people are working hard to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Many people still believe that having their own business is something that only a several entitled people can do. Pexels

Empowerment can go a long way and there is nothing more empowering than being your own boss. The digital age has opened up many opportunities for people all over the world and starting a business today is easier than ever. All one needs is an internet connection and the unlimited opportunities are here.

In this article, I’ll talk about startups that are empowering people to start a business no matter the location, gender or income.


Benjamin Franklin used to say that, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Nowadays, most of the business owners realize that in fact, a dollar saved is even better than a dollar earned, since you do not pay extra tax for it.

However, if you travel a lot, most of the time you cannot keep your savings as it is due to many different issues. They all derive from the traditional banking: ATM fees, bank currency exchange rates, transaction charges to name a few.

Despite that, all the great visionaries see problems as business opportunities. In 2015, Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko founded Revolut—a just and frictionless mobile-first service to manage money all around the globe.

Revolut cuts most of the extra banking costs by providing real exchange rates, no transfer fees, no annual account costs and free monthly $200 ATM withdrawal limit (+ 2% per withdrawal after that), which means no more hidden markups for simple everyday transactions. In other words, it is a traveler’s best companion.

Revolut aims to do what its name suggests—revolutionize today’s banks. It provides a prepaid multi currency card with a digital wallet along with other premium features at the lowest cost possible. It is as if you had a bank account in every country you are visiting.

Thus, it is safe to say that Revolut is a legit twenty-first-century banking alternative designed for a truly empowering and global lifestyle.


When starting a business, it is critical to think of a right distribution channel. The digital age has simplified this process, but the competition is fierce. Especially if you are a digital indie creator.

The idea behind Sellfy is to streamline the selling process and allow creators to sell their digital content with ease. In fact, what is more empowering than the ability to instantly share your eBooks, comics, music, videos or any other kind of digital assets with thousands of potential buyers?

Sellfy’s mission is to empower creators from all over the world to earn a living by doing what they love. If you have a downloadable file that you want to sell, all you need to do is create an account, upload your digital goods and you are ready to start selling within minutes.

The best part about Sellfy is that you can easily create one-click purchase button that allows you to sell digital products directly to your fans and followers on your website, social media channels or your Sellfy storefront. Over 100,000 people support the community, so even if you do not have a huge following on your site or social media, there’s still a good chance for your products to be discovered and bought.


When most of the startups today try to engage their consumers and sell products, LeapIN, in simple words, sells legal access to the European market. It can only mean one thing: geographical barriers are increasingly less important.

Earlier this year, World Economic Forum has announced that Estonia is the leading entrepreneurial country in Europe. And rightfully so—Estonians innovative solutions, such as an e-Residency program have created opportunities for thousands of people everywhere in the world.

LeapIN is a subscription based service that strives to simplify the process of starting a micro business in the EU. The service is based on the Estonian e-Residency. For example, a Mexican entrepreneur can establish an Estonian company, run it from Japan and serve the clients in France.

Besides the access to the EU, LeapIN takes care of bookkeeping and taxes, bank account and payment card, company registration, business administration and optimization, all while you can focus on engaging your customers, sales or product development.

LeapIN’s team believes that starting a business should be as easy as possible. Therefore, they offer a unique proposition—location independent business management solution in one of the best countries to run a business. If that is not empowering, then nothing is.


TransferWise is another empowering startup that seeks to disrupt banking as we know it. It is one of the best market choices for quick and cheap international money transfers and claims to be almost eight times less expensive than the traditional banks.

The most interesting thing about TransferWise is that the money sent abroad never leaves the country. Instead, the system communicates with other TransferWise’s bank accounts in the foreign countries and sends money to the recipients from there. It means that no actual conversion takes place. That allows TransferWise to maintain the lowest costs.

In a way, TransferWise appears to be similar to Revolut and they even have some overlapping features, but they are not to be confused. TransferWise delivers superior remittance services for the bank to bank transfers, while Revolut offers a debit card that is suited for foreign purchases. In other words, TransferWise is a choice for expats and locals while Revolut is an excellent option for international travelers.


If you are good at something, never do it for free. Coach is a platform designed for tutors and freelancers to build an online business based on their skills. Coach’s philosophy is simple – everyone should be able to have a job they love.

In its essence, Coach is a website for those, who never stop learning and improving and want to share their knowledge with the world. For an appropriate fee, of course. With all things going digital these days, Coach empowers people to take their teachings and services to another level.

Its package includes a website builder, frictionless payment system, publishing tools, email marketing service, student performance tracker, public scheduler and other features. Coach was designed to be as easy to use as possible, so no previous website building or hosting knowledge is needed.

Upon sign up, users get a free 30-day trial period to see how far things can go. Afterward, subscription plans start from $32/month, which is a reasonable investment into your dream job. There is also a one-month money back guarantee.

By encouraging people to join the self-employed club, Coach empowers people from anywhere in the world to start a business by living off their passion.


Many people still believe that having their own business is something that only a several entitled people can do. When in reality, many people are working hard to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

No matter who or where you are, with some effort it is possible to save or make some extra money, as long as you stay open to the opportunities that come along your way.

Tomas Laurinavicius is a traveling lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger from Lithuania. He writes about habits, lifestyle design, and entrepreneurship on his blog and weekly lifestyle design newsletter. Tomas is currently traveling the world with a mission to empower 1 million people to change lifestyle for good.

These Startups Are Empowering People All Around the World to Start a Business