Soft Serve: Uber Promised Customers Free Ice Cream but Didn’t Deliver

'Not great marketing if 99.9 percent of your users are disappointed,' one customer wrote

Cold as ice. Twitter

Uber (UBER) has endured countless problems over the last few years, from sexism to sexual assault. And now it turns out they can’t even make ice cream delivery work.

This week the ride-sharing company announced its fifth annual Uber Ice Cream promotion. Uber would deliver free ice cream cones to 10 North American cities: New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Dallas and Toronto.

Starting at 11 AM, users could open the Uber app and tap to request ice cream. Once they matched, Uber would send them frozen treats for up to five people. Customers would also receive a limited edition, collectible cone and punch card which they could bring to McDonald’s and use for one free soft serve cone every Friday from today through September 22.

Uber has boasted that it’s delivered over 200,000 treats to users since launching Uber Ice Cream in 2012. But judging from social media reactions, it looks like the fifth time wasn’t the charm.

Many customers said they either didn’t get an Uber Ice Cream pop-up in the app or that the pop-up showed that no ice cream was available because “all trucks are busy.” This happened no matter how many times they requested sweets.


To its credit, Uber did try to make it up to annoyed customers, asking them to message the company with their address so the company could send them a collectible cone. So it looks like some peoples’ hopes of free ice cream haven’t melted away just yet.

An Uber spokesperson told the Observer thousands of riders ended up with ice cream, and suggested that anyone who wants more should subscribe to UberEATS food delivery.

“Demand for Uber Ice Cream is always high, and this year it was once again popular with our riders,” the spokesperson said. “Thousands of riders across the U.S. and Canada have been matched with a sweet treat today. For those still craving more, we hope you will head over to UberEATS and give us a try there. We’ll continue to bring more surprises to our riders throughout the year.”

Soft Serve: Uber Promised Customers Free Ice Cream but Didn’t Deliver