The $25,000 Victorian Tiara Necklace Fit for a Princess

Mother/daughter duo Toni and Chloë Goutal make one of a kind antique pieces into jewelry

The Amelia retails for $25,000. Courtesy Toni and Chloë Goutal

For those among us who once dreamed of growing up and becoming royalty, it’s now possible to feel entirely regal without a crown; there is, however, a tiara involved. Toni and Chloë Goutal are a mother/daughter duo who hunt down meaningful antique pieces, including diamond encrusted tiara parts, and reintroduce their best attributes in a thoroughly modern way.

The Amelia necklace was sourced in Manchester, England, using three Victorian diamond star pendants found on a tiara in an antique store. The tiara in question dates back to the 1840s, making it the stuff regency romances are made of. The shop owner told them she purchased the tiara from an elderly woman in 1990 who called it a family heirloom. The pair placed these found baubles on a yellow gold antique chain.

The mother/daughter duo. Courtesy Toni and Chloë Goutal

The Goutals focus on creating one of a kind pieces with celestial motifs. Toni told the Observer she’s always been attracted to “astrology, taro and anything mystical” and appreciates how whimsical the Victorian era was. Toni’s daughter Chloë compares their findings to a “real life treasure hunt.”

Toni’s favorite find so far was a six-point diamond star with seven amethysts, which they discovered in a small town in northern England. “The style of the star is considered to be among the 25 most beautiful antique stars in the world,” Toni explained.

The Iris is a six-point diamond star with seven amethysts. Courtesy Toni and Chloë Goutal

While one would think a mother and daughter working together could easily end in disaster, their collaboration has been smooth so far. “I very much depend on Chloë for knowing what is trendy and cool at the moment—she really has a talent of putting a twist on something traditional to give it a very modern look,” Toni raved about her daughter’s discoveries.

The $25,000 Victorian Tiara Necklace Fit for a Princess