Here’s to Hoping Those ‘Bond 25’ Plot Rumors Are Fake News

Alleged story details from the next James Bond movie have leaked and they don't sound good.

Bond 25 Plot Details Leaked
Spectre stars Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux. an Hetfleisch/Getty Images

Now that Daniel Craig has confirmed that he’s returning to the James Bond franchise, our attention has turned from the uncertain future of his 007 to the uncertain future of his next 007 movie. On Tuesday morning, leaked alleged plot details for the untitled Bond 25 made the internet rounds courtesy of Page Six, and they sound, well, terrible. We doubt that these specific plot points will end up in the final film, but here’s what the outlet reported nonetheless:

“A Hollywood insider tells us that in the film that’s so far been dubbed Bond 25: ‘Bond quits the secret service, and he’s in love and gets married.’ The source continues that ‘his wife then gets killed,’ bringing Bond back into action.

“In the franchise’s last film from 2015, Spectre, Bond’s love interest was Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann — who’s (naturally) rescued by Bond just before the closing credits. But the source says that as the next film opens, they are in wedded bliss. ‘The film’s like Taken with Bond,” says the source, who adds that the suave spy is trying to avenge his wife’s murder.”

If this sounds like a familiar story, it’s because it’s essentially a remake of George Lazenby’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. That’s why we doubt (read: hope) these rumors aren’t accurate (though time has been kinder to Secret Service than some might suggest).

Spectre delighted in its ill-advised throwback homages to Bond lore of old and helped set up a story that could play out like a 007 revenge rampage. But is that really the best course of action? Spectre was met with a resounding “meh” from critics and fans alike who felt the movie relied too heavily of rehashing old stories. Why would longtime Bond producer and Eon Productions head honcho Barbara Broccoli double down on the past film’s mistakes? More than that, why stake the new film on the wooden romance between Craig and Lea Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann? Their tepid love affair paled in comparison to Bond’s previous trysts.

It’s also hard to believe that Craig would finally commit to returning to the series for a story so bland. We can just imagine that pitch meeting.

“Hey, Danny baby, we know you’re not too keen on coming back, but we’ve got a real winner on our hands here, kid. Picture this: Someone kills your wife, a character that audiences barely remember, and it sends you on a two-hour murder spree. Huh? Whaddya think? Can you say, ‘Oscars?! You’re a star, kid!’ ”

Such an idea is not befitting of Craig’s swan song. Here’s to hoping Bond 25 goes in a more original direction.

Here’s to Hoping Those ‘Bond 25’ Plot Rumors Are Fake News