Ed Sheeran Has Spotify’s Most-Streamed Song of All Time

Ed Sheeran 'Shape of You' Spotify Most-Streamed

News flash: Ed Sheeran is popular. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Since October 18, 2016, Drake has boasted the most-streamed song on Spotify of all time with his “One Dance” coming in at 1.317 billion plays. Today, that streak came to an end. Ed Sheeran has usurped the throne from the popular rapper with his “Shape of You” earning a mind-boggling 1.318 billion plays, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sheeran beat Drake, who originally took the crown from Major Lazer’s “Lean On.” The hip-hop star’s second-most streamed song on the popular music platform is “Too Good” with almost 600 million plays. But no one is touching Sheeran, who also holds the Spotify record for most plays in one day with 10 million back on March 3. That day also saw Sheeran set the record for first-day streams for his album, Divide, with nearly 57 million. Obviously, there’s nothing Sheeran can’t do, except appear on Game of Thrones without pissing off the entire internet.

Spotify must really, really love this guy because on top of everything we just mentioned, Sheeran is also the most streamed artist when it comes to monthly listeners with nearly 41 million, per the outlet. He’s also Spotify’s second-most streamed artist ever with more than 10 billion (Drake is No.1…for now). Exactly how many of Spotify’s 60 million subscribers do you think Sheeran is responsible for?

Divide is Sheeran’s third studio album. It was released on March 3 and features four singles: “Castle on the Hill,” “Shape of You,” “Galway Girl” and “Perfect.”

Ed Sheeran Has Spotify’s Most-Streamed Song of All Time