Fulop Targets Christie’s Beach Pictures in New Ad

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images

Gov. Chris Christie’s controversial day at the beach during this summer’s state government shutdown is the focus of a new television ad released by Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, once a rumored gubernatorial candidate who opted to support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy instead of running for governor himself in November.

“I’m Steve Fulop and they used to say politics in New Jersey is no day at the beach, until suddenly it was,” Fulop said in the ad.

When Christie’s beach pictures were published during Fourth of July weekend, it set off a social media firestorm. The photo quickly turned into a meme and edited versions of the governor in his beach chair in different locals popped up all over the Internet. In Fulop’s commercial, the mayor’s own beach chair materializes all over Jersey City as the mayor discusses programs and development that have flourished under his administration. Fulop, a Democrat, is the first politician to use the viral images in a campaign ad this season.

“This commercial was a fun way to show that while negative politics in New Jersey can go as far as causing government to come to a grinding halt, here in Jersey City, we have remained focused on continuing to build a better city for all of our residents, putting people before politics,” said Fulop in a statement.

The commercial will “run in several cable systems in North Jersey over the next several weeks,” his campaign said.

Fulop was first elected as mayor in 2013.  He is facing a challenge from attorney Bill Matsikoudis. 

Watch the commercial here:

Fulop Targets Christie’s Beach Pictures in New Ad