The Changing Shape of the Vibrator Biz in 5 New Sex Toys

The Mimic from Clandestine Devices was designed as "something that doesn't obviously look like a sex toy," Kimberly Faubel from the company told us. Considered a luxury sex toy at $125, it had one of the most unique looks of any we saw. It also has a light on it, that makes it easy to add to night time partner play. Plus, it's submersible, in case adult swim just isn't as adult as you'd like it to be.
Brady Dale for Observer
The Satisfyer has been designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris without direct contact. The silicon ring fits over it and vibrates, providing less direct stimulation. But that's not all. "It's basically oscillating air streams over the clitoris," Anita Teresa, a rep for the company told us. Basically, it provides gentle little sucks and puffs of air, for just that extra little bit of ... well, I suppose I couldn't say.
Brady Dale for Observer
Meet Eva (foreground) and Fin, the first two products from Dame Products, a Brooklyn sex toys company that makes products that contribute to partner activity. Eva can be worn during vaginal sex. The Fin is easier for a partner to hold in his or her hand. In fact, held right, it puts vibrations in the fingers themselves, so a partner could use that as the contact point."We have a different gaze on sex. We like to say a female gaze," Dame's Lani Wyche told us.
Brady Dale for Observer
This one might look like a novelty. Sex! Power tools! But market research showed the demand. Anthony Pingicer told us that in Amsterdam's red light districts it isn't at all unusual to see dildos strapped to drills, so sex toy distributor East Coast News found a safe way to build an attachment that will reliably work from a shop drill. Welcome, The Drilldo. We never knew we needed you, but we're glad you're here.
Brady Dale for Observer
If you've ever heard of the rabbit vibrator, you probably know about the little bunny-like ears that extend off the base of the shaft. Here's what we did not know: rabbits traditionally have rotating ball bearings inside, that provide an all around, rumbling, circular vibration? Who knew? The B-Vibe took that same rotating idea and put it inside a butt plug. Most of their models have more than one motor inside, but that circular motor is positioned where "basically, it replicates the sensation of rimming," Alicia Sinclair, B-Vibe's creator told us. If the one in the foreground, the Rimming Plug 2, looks a little intimidating, the pink one in the background, the Novice Plug, is meant for easing into anal stimulation. No need to rush.
Brady Dale for Observer

Alicia Sinclair, the founder of COTR, which makes a couple different lines of sex toys, was explaining the differences between the four models of vibrating butt plugs she had on display, when a young woman and man walked by behind us at the 2017 Sex Expo in Greenpoint Sunday. We heard her say to him, “There’s so many wands. How does anyone choose?”

Our thought exactly.

We’re going to make no claims to expertise with this post. Rather, this is a ground level view of what’s new in electronic sex toys from someone visiting this world with the same wide-eyed view of other newcomers. We walked around the Brooklyn Expo Center about a half dozen times this weekend, looking for stuff that seemed just a little bit different than what we all normally think of when we think of motorized dildos.

One recurring theme: waterproof vibrators. Apparently, rubber ducky hasn’t been making bathtime quite fun enough.

Conversations weren’t always easy. It’s hard to talk when there’s a simulated orgasm competition going down on stage and cam girls are walking around, but we think we found a few cool new spins on battery-powered intimacy (the oldest toy shown, Dame’s Eva, has only been around since 2014). And if motorized dildos isn’t something you’ve ever thought about but maybe you want to, then this might be a good post to start with.

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