David Harbour Spills the Beans on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, and It Sounds Good

Netflix Season 2 Details David Harbour

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on October 27. Courtesy Netflix

Outside of the adorable kids in Netflix’s Stranger Things, the biggest breakout star of last summer’s hit was David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper. While Harbour has let loose a few small spoilers for Stranger Things in the past, his recent interview with TV Guide revealed some concrete details about the upcoming new season.

As we leaned in season one, Hopper’s dedication to this missing child case was driven by the loss of his own daughter. In season two, we’ll learn more about that dynamic.

“Hopper’s daughter will be the primary focus of Season 2, but not in the way that you think it will be,” Harbour said. “Hopper’s understanding of that relationship and Hopper’s understanding of being a father and of being a man grows deeper and deeper in Season 2, and we get a lot of time to explore what that is, but it won’t be in the literal way that you think it is.”

Interesting. Leave it to Stranger Things to explore a man’s trauma and past relationships in an unexpected way. We know that his daughter’s death drove him to hit the bottle pretty hard, but it seemed as if season one’s redemption put an end to his excessive drinking. How will they loop back in on her and will it have anything to do with the show’s more sci-fi(ish) elements? We still have a very loose understanding of the Upside Down and its inhabitants.

What we do know is that Harbour’s troubled but still good lawman was one of the standout qualities from a fun-as-hell first season and we’re excited to see more of his character revealed in season two (and not just because Harbour attended the same high school as this writer).

Stranger Things will debut its new run on October 27, a date that two Hollywood studios conveniently abandoned for Halloween releases. David Harbour Spills the Beans on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, and It Sounds Good