Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type’s Worst Nightmare

ISTP's shudder at the thought of becoming an overnight celebrity.

Scary, but not as bad as monotony. Unsplash

We all experience dreams a little differently.

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A recent study found that extroverts report having lucid dreams 10.9 percent more often than introverts do. Intuitives dream of dying or being killed 16.8 percent more often their sensing counterparts, and feelers dream about their friends and siblings over 11 percent more often than thinkers.

But what about nightmares?

The same study found that nightmares are experienced by introverts 8.3 percent more often than extroverts, by intuitives 7.4 percent more often than sensors, by feelers 6.9 percent more often than thinkers and that night terrors are reported by perceivers 10.2 percent more often than by judgers. Not a great forecast for INFP personalities!

At the end of the day, none of us go without the odd night of interrupted sleep—but the content of our dreams is likely to vary greatly. Here’s what the ultimate nightmare is for each of the 16 personality types.

ESTP: Every time you want to take action on something, you must first fill out a stack of tedious paper work, wait several weeks for it to be approved and then proceed only within the very specific confines of the actions you originally filed to take.

ISTP: You become an overnight celebrity. You wake up one morning with reporters in your house, recording your every move and interviewing you about everything you do. There is nothing you do can get them to leave and nothing you say can make them lose interest.

ESTJ: You are banished to a workplace filled with unreasonably sensitive employees. Nothing ever gets done unless you explain the team that if it doesn’t get done, your feelings will be hurt. The faster you need something done, the more emotion you have to show.

ISTJ: You have been appointed to a highly-esteemed leadership position. Unfortunately, the people you’re meant to be managing are singularly interested in challenging and breaking the rules at every opportunity. If you cannot get them to obey, you will have to face the consequences.

ESFP: Someone is funnier than you and they follow you everywhere. Every time you go to open your mouth, they open theirs and outwit you. Every time you go to say something nice, they jump in and say something nicer. Everyone starts thinking of you as that awesome guy’s boring sidekick.

ISFP: Your artwork has been discovered by a famous influencer and you’re catapulted to fame overnight! Unfortunately, the piece of artwork they discovered exposed the secrets of the people you’re closest to and they’re all furious about it. Oh look, here they are to confront you!

ESFJ: A spell is cast upon you, stating that every time you make someone you love happy, another person you love becomes equally as unhappy. You must spend the rest of your life fighting desperately to keep everyone you care about feeling neutral. You begin to develop the reputation of being a killjoy.

ISFJ: There is only one way to please the people you love, and it involves breaking rules, challenging authority, duping the system and instilling chaos where there once was harmony.

ENFP: You wrote a self-help book with the intention of empowering others. It gained a cult following, but there were a few holes in your logic, and everyone who took your advice ended up worse off than they were to begin with. Now the media is branding you as a crook who took advantage of people’s low-self-esteem for personal profit.

INFP: A piece of art that you put into the world with the intent of inspiring peace and understanding has been misinterpreted and is now being used to support an evil, intolerant doctrine.

ENFJ: You became the powerful leader of a movement meant to bring about peace, only to discover you were misguided by your mentor and the whole movement is bogus. One of your followers exposes you as a corrupt leader. Everyone assumes that you deliberately misled them.

INFJ: You set up a system that was meant to incite world peace. Due to an impossible-to-predict oversight, the system is now functioning in a destructive capacity. You have no ability to dismantle or destruct the system and everyone assumes you tricked them into following it on purpose.

ENTP: Entrepreneurship has been outlawed. Now, only big corporations with standardized advancement opportunities are allowed. Meddling or arguing with the policy in any way lands you in solitary confinement for life.

INTP: Before experimenting with any new idea, you must first pass the idea through a review board of people who loathe change and wish to uphold the status quo at all costs. Illegally conducted experiments are punishable by death.

ENTJ: You discover that someone you trusted has been secretly manipulating your environment for years and infringing upon your ability to make autonomous choices. You are not sure if they were acting alone, or if you must now be suspicious of everyone else you once trusted.

INTJ: You have at last discovered the true, universal secret that governs the universe. You can save humanity with it, but humanity will only listen to celebrity influencers. You have to spend the rest of your life teaching the secrets of life, the universe and everything to Paris Hilton, who continues to remark that these truths are not hot.

Heidi Priebe is a personality psychology writer who focuses primarily on the Jung-Myers model of psychological type. She is the author of five books, including The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide and How You’ll Do Everything Based On Your Personality Type. Follow her on Facebook @HeidiPrebe or argue with her on Twitter @HeidiPriebe1

Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type’s Worst Nightmare