Jimmy Kimmel Says No One on Earth ‘Produces More Fake News Than Donald Trump’

Jimmy Kimmel Donald Trump Video

Jimmy Kimmel keeps going political. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel has been riding a wave of political-skewing comedy in recent weeks and shows no sign of slowing up. At least as long as the news keeps producing gold mines of material.

Earlier this week, NBC News reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanted to resign and even called President Donald Trump a “fucking moron” during a meeting. In response, Trump took to Twitter to refute the story and insist that it was another example of “fake news.”

Tillerson then called his own press conference where he said that he never threatened to resign, but would not answer a question asking if he called the president a moron. “And that has the President’s little thumbs tingling,” Kimmel joked at Thursday night’s show. “So, I guess he’s moved on from Puerto Rico and Las Vegas,” the host continued.

Trump also questioned why the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t examining “Fake News Networks in OUR country,” which Kimmel found particularly amusing as they are currently looking into Russia’s potential involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

“And, of course, the other irony is no one – no breathing human on the planet earth – produces more fake news than Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. You can see his full comments in the video below.


According to non-partisan fact-checking organization Politifact, only 5 percent of Trump’s comments are true, Kimmel noted and said, “More than two thirds, 69 percent, are either mostly false, false, or Pants On Fire false.”

This claim is backed up by the Washington Post, which reports (per Deadline) that in the last 232 days, Trump has made 1,145 claims that are either false or misleading.

“Donald Trump criticizing fake news is like Hugh Hefner criticizing fake breasts,” the late night host continued.

Recently, Kimmel has taken aim at conservatives for gun control and health care reform. As long as polarizing news stories surround the Trump administration continue to pop up, viewers can expect the late night hosts to keep hammering them.

Jimmy Kimmel Says No One on Earth ‘Produces More Fake News Than Donald Trump’