Smell Like Queen Elizabeth for $850 With a Limited Edition Fragrance

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On February 6, Queen Elizabeth celebrated The Sapphire Jubilee with a royal gun salute to mark 65 years of her reign. Now, there’s a matching fragrance to commemorate the momentous occasion. You can smell like Queen Elizabeth without purchasing a crown, corgis or a perfectly matched suit. You just need an insanely exclusive fragrance bottle from Penhaligon’s.

The British brand introduced an extremely limited edition version of their Lily of the Valley perfume, a classic spring scent. If you don’t want to smell like everyone else in the city wearing Le Labo Santal 33, consider a far more traditional scent (or perhaps gift it to your grandmother, so she can channel her inner Queen Elizabeth).

queen elizabeth perfume

Embrace your inner Brit with a new scent. Andrew Winning/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The fragrance launches this month and much like Queen E, it’s as posh as can be. Only 65 bottles have been made—so it’s not exactly readily available at your local Sephora.

In New York, the fragrance can be found at only two locations, Penhaligon’s Rockefeller Center and World Trade Center boutiques. It’s also obtainable at their shops in California and Hawaii.

The limited edition crystal bottles are certainly regal looking, and they’re even decorated with a hand-embroidered bow. But the most royal aspect is the price tag—a bottle of perfume will set you back $850. If that seems a bit hefty, you could always purchase the regular version. While it’s not regal, it only costs $132. If you want to embrace Queen Elizabeth completely, follow in her footsteps by consuming four cocktails every single day while doused in the spray.

queen elizabeth jubilee perfume

Smell like a Queen. Courtesy Penhaligon

If you’re wondering what you’ll smell like once you’re channeling your inner royal, it’s definitely monarch-worthy. The fragrance boasts citrus, bergamot, rose, sandalwood, jasmine and of course, lily of the valley. It smells exactly like you’d think Queen Elizabeth would smell, that is, if you ever think about those kinds of things.

Smell Like Queen Elizabeth for $850 With a Limited Edition Fragrance