Round 3: Help Us Rank Candidates for the NJ Power List

Ginger Gold Schnitzer Ginger Gold Schnitzer

Michele Siekerka Michele Siekerka

Kevin O’Toole Kevin O'Toole

We’re getting ready to release this year’s PolitickerNJ Power List, the definitive ranking of the top 100 party bosses and operatives, lobbyists and activists, lawyers and business leaders, pollsters and media figures in the Garden State.

The big reveal for the full list will come in mid-November. But first, we need your help figuring out who goes where on the list.

This week we’re asking you to rank three more power players: Ginger Gold Schnitzer, the top lobbyist for the powerful New Jersey Education Association teachers union; Michele Siekerka, the president of the state’s largest business group, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association; and Kevin O’Toole, the former state senator and Chris Christie confidant who now serves as chairman of the Port Authority.

The results of these reader polls will be published alongside the Power List and may help us decide how to rank the 100 winners. But don’t go crazy hiring botnets in Malaysia to inflate your numbers. All ranking decisions ultimately will still be made by Observer. Please submit your votes in the form below and stay tuned for more reader polls over the next few weeks.

Round 3: Help Us Rank Candidates for the NJ Power List