Spanish Socialites Love These Eco-Luxe Pyramid Bags

Finally, a bag no one else in New York has (yet). Courtesy Bakari

If you’ve been searching for a new bag and can’t stand the thought of carrying the same purse as every single person in the city, consider a handbag that has yet to launch stateside. Bakari is an eco-luxe handbag brand that’s already quite popular in Spain, especially with socialites and actresses, but has yet to make its way onto the crook of the arms of every single girl on the subway.

Much like other “it” bags, Bakaris are a bit difficult to obtain. The Pyramid bag has already sold out in Spain, leaving a waitlist in its wake. Now, the design has evolved into the Weimar, which is already the most requested and was spotted on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. The geometric bags are made with natural materials, making them peak Instagram bait for International “it” girls. But the bags are also priced around $500, meaning you won’t have to break the bank in order to keep up with the cool crowd.

The founder, Carmen Lopez Serrano. Courtesy Carmen Lopez Serrano

The eco-friendly bags are made with leather, wood, marble and recycled silver, and they make a point to use natural materials. The brand was founded by Carmen Lopez Serrano, who designs each style at her studio in Madrid; then, the bags are then hand-made in Spain.

Get ready for the International it bag. Courtesy Bakari

Spanish actresses Marta Hazas and Barbara Goenaga have been spotted carrying the bag, and so have socialites Amelia Bono and Nuria Roca. While the brand might be seriously in demand, there’s not a 2,500 person waitlist quite yet. But once the brand is discovered in America, it’s certain to sell out yet again. So fill up your online shopping cart before they’re as inescapable as the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Spanish Socialites Love These Eco-Luxe Pyramid Bags