‘Walking Dead’ Star Teases What’s to Come in Season 8

What should fans expect from Dwight and Daryl?

Walking Dead Spoilers Season 8
What can fans expect between Dwight and Daryl? Courtesy Facebook

Game of Thrones is television’s biggest show, but AMC’s The Walking Dead is still the most-watched (despite some decline in recent years). That trend will likely hold true for the upcoming eighth season, which will be adapting the popular “All Out War” storyline from the graphic novel. Over the last two seasons, fans have gotten to know Austin Amelio’s Dwight, a one-time defector turned Negan’s right-hand man. In the “All Out War” arc, he becomes arguably the most important character.

Serving as a mole for the good guys, Dwight will be crossing paths with frenemy and fan-favorite TV character Daryl quite a bit. So how is their relationship heading into season eight? Amelio broke it down for EW in a recent interview.

I mean, they’re definitely not buddy-buddy, but I do think that there’s more of an understanding between the two. Daryl was also first there when you meet Dwight and he’s sort of this mirror to his past. It’s a difficult thing because they despise each other. I definitely don’t think they want to take a road trip in a car together for 10 hours, but I think there is sort of a mutual understanding, because Daryl has come into our compound and has seen what I have to deal with. So I think that’s where they stand, and I also think that in the very, very beginning when he sees Daryl bring back the medicine, there’s also a little good in him too. It’s complicated out here in the post-apocalyptic world, man. It’s complicated.”

Daryl and Dwight have come across one another at very different points in their lives, with the latter trying to kill the former on more than one occasion. All that tension simmering beneath their uneasy alliance should make for some good television. Despite our dislike for most of the show, Daryl has always been a fun character and Amelio is an actor to watch out for going forward. Hopefully a focus on this pair, plus a renewed emphasis on spirited action, will get the show to a better place.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC (AMC) on October 22.

‘Walking Dead’ Star Teases What’s to Come in Season 8