Take a Tour of Chanel’s Coco Club Pop-Up at The Wing

Chanel is hosting an exclusive pop-up this weekend, and it’s all inspired by the brand’s Boy·Friend watch collection.

Chanel has taken over The Wing‘s Soho location and transformed it into the impossibly chic Coco Club. The Observer got a sneak peek of the Mercer Street space, which is a new, unique take on the traditional men’s club, as appropriately expressed by one of the Insta-worthy pictures on the walls that reads: “what’s good for men is even better for women.” The Wing is the ideal place for the pop-up—it’s an all-female, members-only work and social space.

Upon entering, guests are immediately transported into an immersive experience of all things Chanel, with a photo booth that snaps a pic for their “club passport,” which serves as a guide through the various spaces. The watch’s influence can be seen in the emphasis on time; specifically, on the modern woman’s ability to manage time and find balance.

First, there’s a beauty room, stocked with all the Chanel products one could ever imagine—specifically, with the lipsticks, pencils and nail polishes all inspired by the Boy·Friend collection. Guests can get a touch up to prepare for the many photo ops they’ll soon encounter in the Chanel-emblazoned confines of the Coco Club.

There are three “Time Rooms,” starting with one that shares Chanel’s visual perspective on time through photos, emphasizing living in the present. There’s a numerologist in the next room, who offers personalized readings based on your name and birthday. And, if so inclined, attendees are invited to peruse and shop the Boy·Friend Bar, where Boy·Friend watches are displayed in Chanel’s signature quilted trunks.

A pink-lit hallway leads to modern day phone booths and a neon sign reading “Be a Woman to Watch.” There’s also a locker room stocked with Chanel towels, while the study offers notepads, Chanel pencils and old-school typewriters, which have been draped in Boy·Friend watches. There’s even a Coco Café, where a Coco Chanel-inspired menu is served, including boy’s and girl’s club sandwiches, time crunch chips and hourglass lemonade.

Finally, there’s a game room with plenty of custom Chanel pieces like a pool table adorned with Chanel’s signature intertwining CC, as well as a ping pong table and shuffleboard. It is, indeed, a space filled with Instagram bait.

Coco Club is only open to the general public for one day, however, and that includes members of The Wing. Members and guests can stop by on Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm, as long as they sign up in advance.

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