How Each Myers-Briggs Type Approaches Holiday Shopping

We all approach the holiday season a little differently.

Your true colors come out this time of year. Unsplash

We all approach the holiday season a little differently. While some of us knock down the mall doors on November 1st, ready to start spreading cheer, others can be found scouring Amazon Now in the wee hours of the morning the day they’re meant to have their gifts wrapped.

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When it comes to our holiday shopping preferences, everyone handles things a little differently. Here’s how you do your gift-gathering, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

ESTP: Prides themselves on their ability to choose the absolute perfect item that their loved ones didn’t know they wanted. Lives on the edge by picking them all out with two days to spare and Amazon Priming them straight to their loved one’s homes.

ISTP: Picks out the tech gadget they’ve been secretly wanting to try out. Gives it to someone who they know will let them play with it.

ESTJ: Asks their loved ones to rank the top three places they’d like gift cards from. Emails them over to save time, money and the risk of having cards lost in the mail.

ISTJ: Finds a brand name they trust with their life and picks out an item each of their loved ones could use from the lineup. Rests easy knowing their gifts will stand the test of time.

ENFP: Brainstorms a variety of future experiences their loved ones might enjoy. Books one they they’re sure will feel meaningful to each person, then grows bored waiting to give it to them. Ends up buying multiple “side gifts” in the meantime and going way over budget.

INFP: Waits until they’re feeling inspired, then sits down with a glass of wine and a playlist of instrumental music to write heartfelt letters for each of their loved ones. Pairs each letter with a carefully selected gift from Etsy that captures the person’s essence.

ENFJ: Thinks carefully not just about what gift to give, but how to present it, when to deliver it, and how to mitigate each of their loved one’s potential reactions to it. Ensures that the gift is only a small part of the experience they provide while giving it so that the receiver feels as special as possible.

INFJ: Crafts personalized, heartfelt gifts that explain what each of their loved ones means to them. Delivers them weeks ahead of the holiday season, because it feels inauthentic to use a socially constructed holiday as a means of sharing love and appreciation.

ESFP: Creates an elaborate scavenger hunt their loved ones must complete in order to find their gift. Ensures that years later everyone will remember the fun they had completing the hunt, even if they forget all about their presents.

ISFP: Scours a plethora of DIY blogs for ideas then crafts incredibly personalized gifts for each of their loved ones. Blows their friends and family away by showcasing how readily they’ve been picking up on their unique interests and styles.

ISFJ: Spends months planning personalized gifts for each of their loved ones that celebrate the good times they’ve shared together in the past year. Has everything wrapped up and mailed weeks ahead of time.

ESFJ: Keeps a running note on their phone throughout the year in which they jot down things their loved ones mention they’d like. Has everything wrapped up and sent off—complete with a heartfelt note—before the mall has even busted out holiday tunes.

ENTP: Sees gift-giving as a challenge to show their inner circle how well they’ve analyzed and understood them. Spends hours scouring niche corners of the Internet to source the gifts their loved ones never knew they needed. Succeeds with a handful of people and buys everyone else socks.

INTP: Panics trying to determine who will be expecting a gift from them. Brainstorms a variety of ideas that their loved ones might like, but trusts none of them. Subtly requests feedback from others about their gift ideas, while fiercely wishing that holidays would go extinct.

ENTJ: Signs their loved ones up for workshops or events that will help them advance professionally or personally. Hopes their inner circle understands that they’re trying to love them, not network with them.

INTJ: Types up a spreadsheet that cross-references the people they’re planning to buy for with their budget for each person, several potential gift ideas, and a link to purchase each one. Deletes one item each day until they’ve narrowed it down to the ideal gift for everyone they love.

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Approaches Holiday Shopping