Kit Harington on ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season: ‘We Could Easily Let People Down’

The 'GoT' star says he's feeling the pressure of the final run.

Game of Thrones Final Season Kit Harington Nervous
‘Game of Thrones’ Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Though Kit Harington may be happy that Game of Thones is finally coming to an end, that doesn’t mean he isn’t worried about delivering the absolute best conclusion possible. As the hero of HBO’s biggest series ever (by far), Harington is very much hoping that he and the show can stick the landing. He is quite aware of everything that is riding on this final run of episodes likely arriving in 2019 and recently acknowledged the stress that accompanies it all.

“Well, I think there’s a certain pressure I’ve not felt before,” Harington told Deadline in an interview. “Whereas before, every year there’s always been a bit of pressure, this season is one where we could easily let people down. Obviously, we don’t want to do that so we’re very much stepping up everyone’s game which is very apparent, at least to me. We’re all growing a bit and I think everyone’s attention is very focused on what we’re doing in a way that it’s always been, but it may be more apparent.”

The final season scripts reportedly inspired quite the response from the cast, with one star admitting that it is “going to hit hard.” Through seven seasons, GoT has been the dominant TV offering for almost a decade and an every day job for these actors and actresses. It’s understandable why they might be feeling the pressure to get it right this last time.

It’s encouraging to hear that Harington and company aren’t getting complacent as they head into this home stretch. While it’s hard to believe that everyone can step their game up higher than it has been over these last seven seasons, Harington’s comments do help to assuage some doubts in the minds of viewers. With only six episodes in season eight, many have been concerned that Game of Thrones won’t have the necessary time to wrap up all of its many subplots. But it sounds as if all involved are aware of the challenges and are responding accordingly. And we can’t help but think that the reported budget of $15 million-plus per episode will help smooth out some of those rough edges.

Some major dangling story arcs from the end of season seven include: Cersei’s planned betrayal of the allied Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen forces, the accidental incest between Jon and Dany, and the looming threat of the Night King and his army as they march south of the Wall. Wow, Game of Thrones must sound positively mental to non-viewers.

Kit Harington on ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season: ‘We Could Easily Let People Down’