Paris Hilton Has Finally Revealed the Secret to Her Glowing Skin

paris hilton perfume
Paris Hilton has created her own rose water product. Michael Dodge/Getty Images

If you want to look as timeless as Paris Hilton, she’s finally revealing the secret to her ageless skin. The former Simple LifeĀ star/current international DJ is branching out into the beauty world by introducing a new skincare product. The hotel heiress is moving away from fragrances with the debut of a rose water-infused spritz called “Unicorn Mist.”

The “magical blend of pure rose water extracts” is sold for $29, but you can only buy two at a time because of high demand. And according to the website, which features an image of Hilton’s French-manicured hand clutching the iridescent bottle, “This is the exact rose water extract spray that Paris uses to keep her skin glowing and fresh all day long!” Soon, you’ll also be a vampiric celebutante with glowing skin and a love for Ibiza.

While plenty of other rose water products exist, including the classicĀ Mario Badescu option retailing for just $12, they aren’t housed in shimmering bottles and infused with marshmallow plant.Ā Hilton is adding to her beauty empire, as she already has a long list of fragrances, which she began creating in 2005. Some perfume names from over the years include “Fairy Dust,” “Heiress” and “Gold Rush,” so “Unicorn Mist” is a welcome addition to the range.

Of course, the heiress announced the news on Instagram, with a picture of her spritzing. Now, the rose water spray is live and already has its own InstagramĀ page with 50,000 followers. And the Paris Hilton Cosmetics account is already teasing other products, including eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. Perhaps Hilton will unseat Kylie Jenner as queen of the cosmetics world, with her own take on hot pink lipsticks. Paris Hilton Has Finally Revealed the Secret to Her Glowing Skin