Christie Packs State Boards With Last-Minute Appointments

Chris Christie

With less than a week left in his term as governor, Republican Chris Christie announced a slew of over 80 appointments on Wednesday, ushering in changes for state psychiatric hospital boards and other local boards before he leaves office on Tuesday.

Four of New Jersey’s psychiatric hospitals will have new trustee boards, mostly made of Christie staffers, former cabinet members and other loyalists who have worked with the outgoing governor during his eight-year tenure.

For the Board of Trustees at Morris County’s Greystone Hospital—the largest publicly run mental health facility in the state—Christie appointed Morris County Sherriff Jim Gannon, a Republican; advisor Michele Brown; and Port Authority employee Peter Simon, as well as a slew of others.

The Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees will include Cathleen Bennett, the former New Jersey health commissioner and head of the New Jersey Hospital Association, and Dominick DiRocco, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff and current director of governmental affairs at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Another deputy chief of staff, Amanda DePalma, was appointed to the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees.

For the board at Trenton’s Ann Klein Forensic Center, a facility that treats clients with mental illness who are in the judicial system, Christie appointed former Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini. In 2015, Angelini, a Republican, unexpectedly lost her re-election bid in New Jersey’s 11th legislative district.

Christie’s appointments also extended beyond the state’s hospital system.

His current communications director, Brian Murray, was appointed to serve on the Youth Correctional Institution Complex Board of Trustees. Christie also appointed retired Republican Judge Roger Daley to the Middlesex County College Board of Trustees.

View the full list of appointments here:

Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees

Cathleen Bennett
Emily Baggett
Dominick DiRocco
Beth Schermerhorn

Ann Klein Forensic Center Board of Trustees

Mary Pat Angelini
Raymond Brandes
Allison Blake
Rosemary Iannacone
Louis Goetting
Bob Martin

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees

Sheriff James Gannon
Michele Brown
Peter Simon
Wayne Hasenbalg
Bruce Sisler
Louis A. Modugno
Jim DiGiulio

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees

Melissa Orsen
Amanda DePalma
Ryan Goodwin
Jennifer Duffy
David Reiner
Susan Rubino

New Lisbon Developmental Center Board of Trustees

Shannon Michael McManus

Woodbine Developmental Center Board of Trustees

Ron Filan

Garden State Preservation Trust

Andrew McNally

New Jersey State Historical Records Advisory Board

Joseph Glover
Ray Brandes
Christina Lazzaruolo
Terri Adams
Susie Cho

New Jersey Council for Young Children

Beth Schermerhorn
Susan Scrivo

Asbury Park Housing Authority

Brian Thomas

HOBOKEN Housing Authority

Beth A. Mason

Youth Correctional Institution Complex Board of Trustees

Brian Toro
Ryan Windels
Brian Murray

New Jersey State Board of Dentistry

Kevin Reich
Nicole DeMuro

State Board of Examiners of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refridgeration Contractors

Wells Winegar

State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers

Matt Spadaccini

State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey

Matthew Moench
Robert Schwaneberg

State Board of Psychological Examiners

Peter Slocum

State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Megan Fielder

Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans’ Memorial Cemetary Advisory Council

Ryan Windels

Clean Air Council

Andrew McNally
Scott Ross
John Spinello

Clean Water Council

David Gruskos

New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Michael Sullivan

Middlesex County College Board of Trustees

Roger Daley

Salem Community College Board of Trustees

Ryan Padilla

Child Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Team Advisory Board

John Esmerado
Javier M. Toro
Debbie Riverso
Maria Vinci-Savettiere

New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council

Thomas Jennings
Wayne Roorda
Margaret Englebert
James Seath, Sr.
Karen Alexander
Charles J. Dodge
William Freeman

New Jersey Israel Commission

Michael Celler

School Ethics Commission

Richard D. Tomko
Jude Tanella

Edgewater Housing Authority

Ann Carletta

Harrison Housing Authority

Richard A. Miller

New Brunswick Housing Authority

Ramon Alayon

Newark Redevelopment and Housing Authority

John C. Patino

Salem City Housing Authority

Jim Smith

Commission on Human Trafficking

Samantha Steinberg-Boyer

New Jersey State Board of Architects

Bibi Taylor
Edward O’Brien

New Jersey State Board of Optometrists

Bonnie Lavoie-Brady

New Jersey Building Authority

William T. Mullen

State Coordinator for the 1033 Program

Darin Patrick

New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority

John J. Duthie

University Hospital Board of Directors

David Molowa, Ph.D.
Robert Johnson

Rowan County College at Burlington Board of Trustees

James Anderson
Christie Packs State Boards With Last-Minute Appointments