The James Offers Tarot Readings and Reiki Healing via Room Service

The wellness program at The James Hotel includes tarot readings and reiki healers on-call, in addition to in-room Kundalini yoga and boxing classes.

Schedule at Tarot reading in the comfort of your hotel room. Courtesy The James

Most room service orders are entirely regrettable: a greasy hamburger at 2 a.m. or a lavish breakfast that costs as much as a new pair of shoes.

However, The James Hotel is now offering a wellness room service menu that has much more than just fresh-squeezed green juice; the hotel’s two New York properties and their Chicago location will have a variety of readers on-call, all of whom serve to nourish your mental wellbeing.

Want to get a tarot card reading on your bed? That can be done. Care for a holistic life coaching session before that big meeting? Not a problem. Need to affirm a major life decision with a reading of your birth chart? That’s just one phone call away. The Readers on Room Service menu also includes hypnosis, reiki healing and sound healing.

This spiritual offering is just one part of The James Hotel’s new health-centric approach to hospitality, known as the Four Bodies Wellness Program. That includes an in-room TV workout session with Aerospace co-founder (and trainer to Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima) Michael Olajide Jr., a complimentary one-month membership to Khajak Keledjian‘s Inscape app and Kundalini Yoga TV classes, that are targeted to cure jet lag, with Guru Jagat.

Tune in with Guru Jagat for a Kundalini Yoga session. Courtesy The James Hotel

However, guests who wish to escape the four walls of their hotel room can still get in on the experience. They will receive priority access to Aerospace‘s sleek workout studio, Inscape‘s calming meditation space and Guru Jagat’s RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology.

The Four Bodies program was curated by Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous (which she explains as “a cosmic lifestyle platform”), consultant and author of Material Girl, Mystical World.

“A lot of the time when we’re traveling, we’re on the road, we’re outside of our usual routines and there’s a sense of ungroundedness, but we want to be on our A-game, feeling on top shape, wherever we are in the world,” she explained about the program.

So the next time you’re traveling to a James Hotel, consider scheduling a sound bath—it’s probably better for your mental health than climbing into the bath with a bottle of wine.

The James Offers Tarot Readings and Reiki Healing via Room Service