Happy ‘Medium’: Online Publisher Boots Leading Alt-Right Figures From Its Platform

Medium had this message for its alt-right users. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The alt-right is rapidly running out of online spaces to spew its bile.

First Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe banned white nationalist campaigns that violated their hate speech policies. In response, the alt-right created its own crowdfunding site Hatreon (yes, really).

Then Twitter removed the “verified” status from white nationalist firebrands like Mike Cernovich and Laura Loomer. The site also suspended several neo-Nazi groups. So the purged parties compared the site to Hitler and migrated to alt-right social network Gab.

Now, Medium is also cracking down on these hateful groups.

As The Outline first reported, the online publishing platform has suspended Cernovich, Loomer and fellow alt-right provocateur Jack Posobiec from its site.

Each of their posts has been removed from Medium—the links now redirect to an error message.

While the internet only noticed the change this week, it has likely been in effect since February 7, when Medium updated its terms of service.

In the past, Medium allowed contributors to basically write whatever they wanted. But the new terms put in place definitive rules regarding hate speech.

“We do not allow posts or accounts that engage in on-platform, off-platform, or cross-platform campaigns of targeting, harassment, hate speech, violence or disinformation,” the terms read. “We may consider off-platform actions in assessing a Medium account and restrict access or availability to that account.”

Given this trio’s numerous “off-platform” exploits, it’s not a huge surprise they were booted from their blogs.

Medium declined an Observer request for comment.

Even without an extra online platform, however, each alt-right personality has found a way to get their names in the news.

Posobiec was recently booted off Bumble when he tried to cheat on his wife, and Loomer is working with InfoWars in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting.

Cernovich has set his sights higher, however: he’s expressed interest in buying Gawker and is reportedly even considering a run for Congress.

As such, he’s not thrilled with Medium at the moment.

Will the booted trio band together to create an alt-right Medium? Only time will tell. Happy ‘Medium’: Online Publisher Boots Leading Alt-Right Figures From Its Platform