ClassPass Is Now Offering Infrared Saunas, Cryotherapy and Massages

In New York, ClassPass is expanding their wellness and beauty offerings to include infrared saunas, cryotheraphy, acupuncture, float spas, massages and facials.

Your ClassPass experience is about to include cryotherapy. Courtesy ClassPass

ClassPass has gone through many changes since it first joined the boutique fitness rat race in 2013. The app that offers discounted packages of workout classes expanded to cities all over America, allowed users to check up on their friend’s workouts and eventually discontinued their unlimited offerings. Their most controversial change was when they raised their prices, hitting an unprecedented $200 for a monthly membership.

Their latest revamp should be met with a more positive reaction, especially when compared to the responses of their price hikes and the introduction of a confusing credits system. Now, ClassPass is expanding to offer a well-rounded wellness experience for New Yorkers, including access to infrared saunas, cryotherapy and acupuncture. New Yorkers certainly deserve it, as their memberships have become the most expensive in America.

If you’ve been meaning to try all of the wild wellness trends everyone seems to Instagram weekly, they can now be booked on ClassPass. The new options also include beauty services, like massages and facials. And for those who are really looking to try something new, you can also book an appointment at a float spa.

classpass cryotherapy
You can now book cryotherapy on ClassPass. Franck Fife/Getty Images

As of now, only select New Yorkers have access to these experiences, but if the testing phase is successful, it’s set to roll out to wider audiences.

“Access to wellness services will help our users live their lives more fully. It has always been our goal to expand beyond fitness classes, because fitness is only part of the equation that contributes to health and happiness,” ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia said in a press release. The company is still in the early stages of introducing this new phase, so they haven’t confirmed how much, or how many credits, the experiences will cost. But for now, those in the testing phase will not incur additional costs.

ClassPass is currently offered in 49 cities worldwide, where they work with 8,500 partners, making it easy to exercise while on vacation, whether you’re into aerial yoga or spinning. But now, you can add a massage or cryotherapy when you’re done.

ClassPass Is Now Offering Infrared Saunas, Cryotherapy and Massages