Best Super Bowl Bets: From Coin Toss to Halftime Show to Gatorade Bath

The big game is big business.

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Will Tom Brady be covered in confetti again? Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Super Bowl may be a big game, but it’s also big business.

On average, more than 110 million people watch the game, making it the highest-rated TV show of the year. And brands take advantage of those eyeballs by paying top dollar for ads. According to Quartz, this year a 30-second spot costs $5.8 million.

But while the game may be played in Minneapolis, the other big profit center for the Super Bowl is Las Vegas.

Gamblers can make “prop bets” based on the likelihood of over 400 different events occurring (or not occurring) during the game.

Here are some of Las Vegas’ preliminary predictions for Super Bowl 52.


  • The New England Patriots will lose coin toss but win game. The NFC normally makes the first play, but New England has still won its last five Super Bowls after losing the toss.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles will score first. Philly is historically an aggressive team, and the Patriots haven’t scored a point in the first quarter in their last seven Super Bowl appearances. According to Newsday, if the Eagles do score first expect LeGarrette Blount or Nelson Agholor to be the man responsible.
  • Danny Amendola will score the Patriots’ first touchdown. Tom Brady’s right hand man caught a pair of touchdown passes in the playoffs and had another one in last year’s Super Bowl.
  • The game will likely be decided by three points. The Patriots have a history of scoring late field goals, and four of their Super Bowl wins have been decided by only three points.
  • Tom Brady will be Super Bowl MVP. A Patriots staffer was carrying the quarterback’s acceptance speech in plain view during a press conference yesterday. SB Nation predicts Brady will thank his family first.
  • Expect the temperature of the game to be mentioned more than once. reports that Minneapolis will be a balmy eight degrees on Sunday, though the stadium is enclosed and should ward off the cold.


  • Pink’s rendition will likely be under two minutes. The average length of the last 12 anthems has been 1:58.
  • No, she won’t be flying through the air. This is the Super Bowl, not the Grammys.
  • Yes, she will likely be wearing Eagles gear. She’s from Pennsylvania, after all.
  • Players are likely to kneel. And if they do, expect a presidential tweet to follow.
Will Justin Timberlake’s halftime show score a touchdown? Christopher Polk/Getty Images


  • Justin Timberlake will open the show with “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Bookies think it’ll be the Oscars all over again.
  • There will probably be a special guest. Forbes predicts it will be NSYNC, Janet Jackson or Madonna.
  • JT will likely cover a Prince song. Timberlake has said he’s a huge fan of the “Purple Rain” singer, and the game is being played in the late legend’s hometown.


  • Peyton Manning will likely appear in at least one. But will it be another Nationwide spot with Brad Paisley?
  • There will be at least four Anheuser-Busch ads during the telecastExpect to hear “Dilly Dilly” a lot.


  • Brady won’t be wearing a bandage. He told reporters his injured hand will likely be healed by game time
  • Bill Belichick will wear a hoodie. The trademark jacket will either be blue, grey or red, according to bettors.
  • The Gatorade thrown on the winning team will likely be green. Yes, people really do bet on everything.

We’ll find out this weekend who will go home rich and who will fall faster than a “Deflategate” ball.

Best Super Bowl Bets: From Coin Toss to Halftime Show to Gatorade Bath