Twitter Schools Trump: Internet Reacts to POTUS Proposal to Arm Teachers

President Donald Trump and students at yesterday’s White House listening session. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Since last week’s massacre in Florida, America has been debating how to stop the epidemic of mass shootings.

President Donald Trump has his own idea about how to solve this problem: give teachers guns.

In both a listening session yesterday and on Twitter this morning, Trump said 20 percent of teachers should receive concealed weapons and military training on how to use them.

But this proposal runs counter to what teachers actually want—so they’re taking to social media to send the president a message.

Using the hashtag #ArmMeWith, educators on Twitter and Instagram schooled Trump on what they really need in their classrooms, including books, supplies, resources for students and more school funding.

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#armmewith the resources and funding needed to help students experiencing mental health issues, NOT guns. Teachers, now (more than ever) is the time to take and stand and say we will not accept another one of our students being lost to another senseless school shooting. We have to strive for MORE. Our students deserve it. Call, write, march… do whatever you can to show enough is enough— we NEED stronger gun laws, we NEED funding for mental health issues, we NEED our students to L I V E so they can change the future of this country. #resist #standup #guncontrol #enoughisenough #notonemore #gunsafety #schoolsafety #mentalhealth #teachertribe #iteachtoo #teachersmatter

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For his part, Trump hosted a School Safety Roundtable at the White House today to get more ideas about protecting children.

Twitter Schools Trump: Internet Reacts to POTUS Proposal to Arm Teachers