Will Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Return for a 5th Season?

Black Mirror Season 5

Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror.’ Jonathan Prime/Netflix

As we noted in our review of Black Mirror season four, it is impossibly difficult to keep an anthology series going. That stands doubly true for thoroughbred anthologies like Black Mirror that swap out stories and characters every episode as opposed to the season-by-season formats of hits like Fargo and True Detective.

While we greatly enjoyed Black Mirror‘s recent run of episodes, we couldn’t help but feel that some of the concepts felt slightly recycled.

Here’s to hoping the trend doesn’t continue as Netflix announced Monday morning that Black Mirror will return for a fifth season.

In a cryptic teaser posted by the show’s Twitter account, the network confirmed Black Mirror‘s return by running through some of the most popular episodes from the first four seasons. We see fan-favorites such as “Fifteen Million Merits,” “Nosedive,” “White Christmas” and “San Junipero.”

Then, Netflix teases us with, “Be right back.”

But now comes the question: When will fans be treated to season five?

Audiences had to endure a brutal 14-month wait in between seasons three and four. There was also a 15-month gap between Stranger Things seasons. Damn, Netflix, we love your content too much to wait this long.

Black Mirror is created and written by Charlie Brooker alongside Jesse Armstrong. Over the years, it’s techno-paranoia setting has become a breeding ground for interesting directors such as Joe Wright (Darkest Hour), Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) and Jodie Foster (C’mon, you know who Jodie Foster is). Will Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Return for a 5th Season?