NJ Politics Digest: Murphy Turns to Tough Task of Selling Tax Hikes

Republicans panned it, and Democrats seemed lukewarm, so on Wednesday Gov. Phil Murphy turned to the task of selling his $37.4 billion budget.

Gov. Phil Murphy.
Gov. Phil Murphy. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Republicans panned it and Democrats seemed lukewarm at best, so on Wednesday Gov. Phil Murphy turned to the task of selling his $37.4 billion budget—and it’s attendant $1.5 billion hike in taxes—to New Jersey residents.

Murphy, who had campaigned on a promise to help the state’s financially battered middle class, surprised everyone during his budget address Tuesday with his call to hike the state’s recently reduced sales tax—additional costs he claims few New Jersey families will notice. Murphy also wants to collect taxes on online sales—a move New Jersey voters are sure to notice—and on ride-sharing and home-sharing services.

Meanwhile, Murphy, at this point, has managed to convey few easy-to-understand examples of how his budget will help middle class families. He did pledge Wednesday to avoid fare hikes at New Jersey Transit, but his pledge to provide free community college to all residents remains a promise he says he will implement in coming years.

Instead, his spending plan this year calls for assistance for low-income residents. He has pledged to increase school funding, but specifics of how that plan will impact local tax bills are not yet available. The same can be said for his proposal to allocate $57 million to expand pre-k programs in the state.

The budget would create a child and dependent care tax credit. The administration said this will save 74,000 families about $12 million. How the proposal—and it’s broad assessment of impact—resonates with tax-weary young families has yet to be seen.

Critics have slammed the budget for failing to include spending cuts, and Republicans have already tried to paint Murphy’s proposals as a replay of former Gov. Jim Florio’s much-despised tax hikes. Some Democrats, meanwhile, have been balking at the governor’s plan to implement a millionaires tax and to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana.

But the governor is undeterred, saying in a radio interview Wednesday that residents won’t mind additions to the state’s already high tax burden if they feel they are getting value for their money. He faulted former Gov. Chris Christie’s efforts to rein in spending over the last eight years as having hurt middle class families.

Quote of the Day: “Frankly, I’m a big fan of Gov. Florio’s. The ghost I’m dealing with is Chris Christie.” — Gov. Phil Murphy, on critics who compare his budget’s planned tax hikes to those implemented by former Gov. Jim Florio.

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Ryan: No Gateway Money if Trump Will Veto Omnibus
Speaker Paul Ryan warned New York and New Jersey Republicans that he won’t allow funds for the Gateway project to be included in a massive spending package if it will cause President Donald Trump to veto the bill, according to GOP lawmakers.
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U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao ratcheted up the rhetoric over the Gateway Tunnel project, accusing proponents of waging a campaign to “bully the department” to approve funding.
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Nuke Subsidy Bill Re-Engineered as 3 Separate Measures
Trying to break an impasse, lawmakers and the governor’s office have apparently agreed to jointly move three bills to subsidize nuclear power, promote clean energy, and revive an offshore wind project off Atlantic City.
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Another Democrat Drops Out of Race for Leonard Lance’s Seat
Another Democrat has withdrawn from the race to take on Rep. Leonard Lance, strengthening the candidacy of former Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski.
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Marijuana Retailers Group to Mayors: Call Us
The New Jersey Marijuana Retailers Association, a trade group, expressed a willingness to meet with the state’s mayors to discuss the possible legalized cannabis industry.
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Putting an End to Sick Pay Accrual
“Banking” unused sick pay perpetually and then taking it as a fat retirement bonus may not be an option for longtime county, municipal, and school employees much longer. The current practice has racked up $1.9 billion in debt, and cutting that liability would provide some relief to property taxpayers.
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Judge Strips Subpoena Power From Police’s Civilian Review Board
A Superior Court judge in Newark on Wednesday took away the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board of subpoena and investigatory powers but said it could still conduct oversight of the police department.
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Why the Overhaul of N.J.’s Medical Examiner System Just Got a Major Boost
In a major concession, the state’s new attorney general said he will not stand in the way of rapidly advancing legislation that would strip his office of authority over the state’s troubled medical examiner system and move it to the health department, NJ Advance Media has learned.
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New Jersey School Walkouts: Full Coverage
North Jersey students poured out of classrooms Wednesday morning, filling football fields, parking lots and lawns where they bowed heads, waved signs and delivered speeches to honor the 17 victims of the Florida school shooting one month ago.
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Feds Say No to LoBiondo Request for Cape May Meeting on Offshore Drilling
The federal government has said no to U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s request for a public hearing in Cape May County on a proposal to allow oil and natural gas exploration in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Affordable Housing Solution Coming for N.J., Lt. Gov Promises
Mayors and council members gathered Wednesday at the Statehouse for their annual lobbying event that includes panels with lawmakers and Cabinet members.
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Here Are New Jersey’s Healthiest Counties
Morris County has leapfrogged Hunterdon County as the healthiest in New Jersey, when disease, death and various factors that influence health are considered, while residents of Cumberland County continue to have the worst health behaviors and outcomes in the state.
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Phil Murphy Compares DuPont Pollution in Pompton Lakes to Love Canal; Says DEP Is Investigating
Gov. Phil Murphy compared DuPont’s cancer-causing contamination under a Pompton Lakes neighborhood to one of the most infamous pollution cases in the nation Wednesday, and said his administration is investigating whether cleanup efforts are working.
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A higher minimum wage, higher Uber fares and higher taxes on millionaires: These are just some of the changes Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is calling for in his $37.4 billion spending plan, which is 8 percent larger than the current budget.
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N.J. Attorney General Joins Letter Asking Congress to Protect Haitian, Salvadoran Immigrants
A coalition of 19 attorney generals sent a letter this week to Congress members urging it to pass legislation that will provide legal status to Haitians and Salvadorans whose authorization to work and protection from deportation will expire next year.
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As Jersey City Teachers’ Strike Threat Looms, Deal to End Dispute in Works
The school board may vote on a deal tomorrow intended to end an eight-month contract dispute with the public-school district’s teachers and avoid the first Jersey City teachers’ strike in 20 years.
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Bergen County Gun Range Gets $2.3 Million Overhaul After Lead Removal Woes
The gun range at Bergen County’s police academy is getting a $2.3 million overhaul that will replace its bullet-catching sand berm with a steel-trap system that officials say will halt further lead contamination at the Campgaw Road site.
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Passaic County Adopts Budget, Raises Taxes Just Under 2 Percent
After a one-year reprieve from rising taxes, the honeymoon ended Tuesday when the Passaic County Freeholder Board adopted its 2018 budget, which will cost taxpayers on average about two percent more.
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Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle III Will Not Seek a 4th Term
Mayor Frank Huttle III will not seek re-election to a fourth term, he announced Wednesday.
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Homelessness in Ocean County: Code Blue Proves It’s More Widespread Than Many Thought
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Editorial: Students Walk Out, Saying a Loud and Clear ‘Enough’
Tired of waiting for adult leaders to lead on gun violence, especially in the wake of the Feb. 14 mass school shooting in Florida that left 17 people dead, high school students in New Jersey and across the country spoke their minds on the issue in a very visible way—by participating in a planned 17-minute mass walkout of their classrooms and hallways.
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