Elon Musk Rails Against Reporters Even Though His Girlfriend’s Mom Is a Journalist

Journalist Sandy Garossino, Grimes’ mom and Elon Musk’s (maybe) future mother-in-law. YouTube

Elon Musk caused a stir among journalists yesterday after he proposed the creation of a site called Pravda to rate outlets’ trustworthiness.

His new girlfriend Grimes also got in on the fun by calling reports that Musk prevented workers from unionizing “fake news.” (It’s not, he actually did that.)

The couple’s crusade against the media is especially ironic because Grimes has a personal connection to the media world.

As BuzzFeed tech reporter Ryan Mac first pointed out, Grimes’ mother Sandy Garossino is a journalist in Canada.

A former Crown Prosecutor, Garossino was also editor-in-chief of The Vancouver Observer, an independent online newspaper. She’s currently a national affairs columnist for its parent publication, The National Observer.

Garossino also ran for the Vancouver City Council and led an anti-casino advocacy group called Vancouver Not Vegas.

In a 2015 interview, Garossino said she was especially interested in business and technology.

“We’re starting to see critical issues surrounding the state, the citizen and this incredible platform that holds such great promise but also holds enormous perils,” she said.

Garossino also said she was concerned by “the ability technology has given some individuals, through social media platforms and other means, to pursue others and wreak incredible damage.”

Musk may not have committed real damage on social media just yet, but his recent railing against the media mirrors many issues his (possible) future mother-in-law writes about.

Garossino hasn’t publicly commented on Musk’s recent tweets, and she did not respond to Observer requests for comment.

But even before Grimes hooked up with Musk, it’s clear Garossino had an affinity for the business magnate.

In a now-deleted tweet, she bragged about riding in a Tesla.

Vroom vroom. Twitter

Garossino also called Musk the “next great visionary” to rival Steve Jobs in 2016.

And just last month, right before he and Grimes started dating, Musk and Garossino had a Twitter dialogue about artificial intelligence.

The two clearly have a similar affinity for technology, and it’s hard to believe Musk would embark on this “Pravda” mission when someone close to him is a journalist.

Let’s hope this is more Musk showboating. Because if not, that’ll be one awkward family dinner.

Elon Musk Rails Against Reporters Even Though His Girlfriend’s Mom Is a Journalist