What People Will Remember About You, Based on Myers-Briggs

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

People will always remember how you made them feel. Unsplash

One of Maya Angelou’s most famous quotes is, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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We all leave lasting impressions on one another. Some can be narrowed down to specific words or actions, but the most impactful ones, just as Maya Angelou suggested, are more ineffable. We rarely pause to think about how we’ll be remembered by the people who get to know us well, so here’s a cheat sheet of the impression you’re leaving on those around you, based on your Myers-Briggs type.


The way your energy ignites every room you walk into. Your mischievous grin. The force with which you tackle every topic that intrigues you. The warmth you bring to every interaction. The excitement you inject into everyday life. The capable nature with which you approach even the most complicated of situations. The way you seem like a superhero in human form. How seldom you take yourself seriously, and how wholly you encourage others to do the same.


Your intellect. Your astounding ability to find shortcuts. The way speaking with you feels like wandering through an encyclopedia with a never-ending set of trapdoors. Your patience. Your surprising ability to smooth things over. Your independence. Your dry sense of humor. The protectiveness that flares up unexpectedly. The insight that no one else can replicate.


Your capability. How no one is ever nervous when you’re on their team. The steady and consistent nature of your investment. The way you can rile up a group of people to make them try harder, do better, and enjoy themselves more fully. The way you push others and yourself. How ambitiously you reach for new heights. The ease with which you arrive at them.


Your strong sense of morality. The way you protect your loved ones without exception. Your grounded nature. Your sense of perseverance. Your diligence in making the world around you a more just place to live. The fair chance you give every person. The way you can always be trusted, in a way that most people simply can’t.


Your attentiveness. The way you invest yourself completely in the people you love with your whole heart. Your sassy nature. The way you empower the people around you to know their worth and to fight for it. Your attention to detail. Your endless empathy. The way you always make time when it matters.


The way you move a thousand miles an hour. How your laugh echoes for miles and miles. Your compassion. Your propensity to always say “yes.” How you make people see the best in themselves. Your unending optimism, even in the face of adversity. The way you bounce back from setbacks with strength and enthusiasm.


Your deep and grounded presence. The beauty that you pick out of life’s rubble and mess. The thoughtfulness you bring to each encounter. Your unexpected wit. The way you notice what others miss. How you can stare straight into a soul. The calm you inject into moments of panic. The light you bring to the tumultuous experience of being alive. Your commitment to never cease exploring.


Your patient nature. The home you make for others in your heart. The way you selflessly listen without judgement. Your reliability. Your adaptability. Your quiet competence. Your steady softness. The way you never stop working to make the world a better place for the people you love.


Your adventurous spirit. Your introspective soul. The way you’re not afraid to jump into what’s messy. Your unending support of your loved ones. The way you advocate so fiercely for what’s right. How you bounce back from adversity. The way your optimism permeates through darkness.


The empathy you bring to each encounter. The fierce yet calming nature of your mind. The depth that you deliver to each insight. The unexpected joy in your laugh. The balm your words apply to even the most aching of wounds. Your soft, accepting presence. The honesty with which you share your truth. The inspiration you give others to share theirs.


The warmth you bring to every conversation. The way you make every effort to make others feel comfortable. How you speak with true intention and tact. The way you lift others up. How you go out of your way to create change. The way your mind churns when no one’s watching. The eloquence with which you share your insights when they are.


The perspective you bring to every conversation. The endless complexity of your mind. The way you never leave a stone unturned intellectually. The holistic way in which you explain your thoughts. The compassion you include in each encounter. Your effortless energy. How you never stop striving to improve the world around you. The way you would go to the end of the earth and back for those you love.


The energy you bring to new ideas. The restless nature of your mind. The warmth with which you bring people together. The radical honesty you employ. The way your eyes light up when you are scheming. The frankness you naturally exude. How you inspire people to think harder and dream bigger. Your endless striving.


The honesty you bring to each encounter. The measured way in which you choose your words. Your endless curiosity. The dark humor you readily employ. How you question with the intrigue of a young child. Your wisdom. The way you challenge others when they ought to be challenged, and how you never stop challenging yourself in that way, either.


The power that radiates straight through you. The strange and offbeat habits you enjoy. Your commitment to self-improvement. Your diligence and never-ending effort. Your honesty and care for those you love. The way you stand unwaveringly for what matters. How you tackle challenges without a second thought.


The perspective you apply to every issue. The fascinating routes your mind travels down with ease. Your firm insistence upon justice. The better world you naturally perceive. The way you never cease to challenge your own growth. The potential that you see in those you love. Your lifelong commitment to learning and understanding, and your daily commitment to moving mountains with your mind.

What People Will Remember About You, Based on Myers-Briggs