NJ Politics Digest: Does Schneiderman’s Fall Boost Murphy?

Schneiderman's recent and rapid fall following abuse allegations has left the door open "for a highly visible Trump foe from the northeast, someone with proximity to the New York media market."

Governor Phil Murphy (right) and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, center. Phil Murphy via Flickr

The administration of Gov. Phil Murphy hasn’t been shy about pulling out the legal briefs to oppose the agenda of President Donald Trump. But the state’s efforts have always been overshadowed by similar efforts of its larger neighbor to the north, New York State, where the blue state anti-Trump efforts were being led by charismatic and ambitious state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

But, as columnist Charles Stiles notes in The Record, Schneiderman’s recent and rapid fall following abuse allegations has left the door open “for a highly visible Trump foe from the northeast, someone with proximity to the New York media market.” Someone by the name of Phil Murphy.

Murphy has often touted his plan to make the state a nationally known example of progressive policies, and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has gotten the state involved in suits on issues ranging from immigration enforcement, citizenship questions on the U.S. census, the Affordable Care Act and clean air standards, Stile notes. Grewal, by the way, is portraying himself as the good soldier—saying his views on issues line up with Murphys and that he is not out to—as Stile says—”build a ‘brand’ for himself.”

But while Murphy’s progessive efforts may play well with national Democrats, it still remains to be seen how he will fare in his home state, where even Democratic leaders so far seem wary of embracing the tax increases needed to fund many of Murphy’s plans.

Quote of the Day: “You’d have to be an anti-Jersey schmuck to support this. The ‘moocher state’ Republicans that voted against Sandy aid in the first place are now trying to use every trick in the book to suck New Jersey dry.” — Democratic Rep. Donald Norcross, on Trump administration efforts to cut $107 million in Superstorm Sandy aid.

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Phil Murphy takes action on bill giving police, firefighters control over pensions
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Murphy conditional veto shows concern for taxpayer: O’Scanlon
Back in November, I wrote in an oped that I was rooting for our governor to succeed. I said then that I would call him out when he made a misstep but be with him when he did the right thing. This is me keeping my word.
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N.J. politicians, public workers could lose pensions if convicted of these sexual offenses
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More Than 1,000 Drug Cases Will Be Tossed After State Police Lab Scandal
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N.J. gains 3,500 jobs in April, according to ADP
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A lawsuit between Atlantic County, several county municipalities, and the state over the Payments in Lieu of Property Taxes Atlantic City casinos pay has been accepted by all parties, the county announced Wednesday.
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Newark Cop Tried to Get Disability Pension After Using Gun in Road Rage
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