Why Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Mad at You

Don't you dare use the ENTP's own argument against them.

Don’t you dare use the ENTP’s argument against them. Unsplash

Listen, it’s not easy to get each Myers-Briggs type fuming. While some personalities undeniably harbor a shorter fuse than others, we’re all adults here. And we’re all capable of regulating our emotional reactions—for the most part.

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If you’ve recently angered someone and you’re at a complete loss as to why, the answer might lie in their Myers-Briggs personality type. First, determine your dear offended friend’s four-letter type code. Then, scroll down to discover which situation was probably responsible for their sudden change of heart.

ENFP: They told you about their EXCITING NEW PLAN to circumnavigate the globe on foot and you weren’t as thrilled about it as you were supposed to be (just like when you weren’t adequately thrilled about their plan to adopt orphan penguins and when you weren’t bursting with enthusiasm about their application to join Mars 1).

INFP: They sent you their absolute favorite song and you didn’t immediately fall in love with it and use it as a window to their soul the way you were supposed to.

ENTP: You used their own elaborate argument against them to win a debate and now they can’t tell whether they hate you or want to marry you.

ISTJ: You slacked off, they picked up the slack, and you got the credit.

ESFP: They were ignoring you and you DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE, which means they suffered all that time in silence for nothing.

INTJ: They told you exactly what would happen if you did x. You did x. Now everything is on fire and they have to put it out.

ESFJ: You earned the trust of someone they love and then broke it. Now you are dead to them forever.

ISFP: You used shampoo that was tested on animals. TESTED. ON. ANIMALS.

INTP: You interrupted them when they were deeeeep down a Wikipedia hole and about to make a major breakthrough. Because you wanted them to “come eat dinner?” Like a “normal human being?” The nerve of you.

ENTJ: They went out of their way to make a detailed plan to help you. You disregarded the plan out of laziness. Now their time has been wasted and their patience for you has reached its end.

ISFJ: You disturbed the peace among their loved ones, and they were left to mediate the conflict.

ENFJ: They opened their heart to you, thinking they could trust you. You acted selfishly. They forgave you. You washed, rinsed and repeated. Now you’re dead to them.

ESTP: You enforced the rules RIGHT when something exciting was about to happen.

ISTP: You keep having emotional crises and talking about them. It’s making them highly uncomfortable and preventing them from getting shit done.

ESTJ: You let your responsibilities slide, and now your team is behind schedule. And the ESTJ’s team is NEVER behind schedule.

INFJ: You stared into their soul and discovered a way in which they’re not perfect. Now they’re mad, but mostly at themselves.

Why Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Mad at You