Right-Wing Darlings Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens Blame PC Culture for Celeb Suicides

Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of right-wing nonprofit Turning Point USA. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens believe “politically correct” culture played a role in Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s suicides.

“We built up a society that was so politically correct that people were being fake,” said Owens in a Periscope uploaded to Twitter. “We’ve been pretending that everything offends us. We’ve been pretending that we’re these perfect beings who are overly sensitive to everything.”

Explaining how both Spade and Bourdain “struggled internally” but hid their suffering from the public, Owens boasted about taking the opposite route in life.

“In many ways, I do the exact opposite. If anything I’m constantly growing and showing people the ugly spots of my life,” said Owens, later adding that she was being authentic in attributing Chelsea Handler’s craziness to not having children.

“You can’t even [tell jokes in public anymore] because you’ll be called insensitive,” added Turning Point’s communications director. “‘You’re not sensitive enough to the vegan community. You’re not sensitive enough to the plight of blacks when you wear your hair in brands.’ It’s all so inauthentic that on the inside, people are struggling. I feel like that has a lot to do with the fact that suicide rates have increased so much over the last few years.”

Kirk mirrored Owens’ sentiments, calling suicide “a byproduct of luxury” and a “uniquely Western problem.”

“There’s this chasm between the public persona and the private person,” explained Kirk. “And they feel as if they have to be someone different when they’re presented publicly. And that really creates demons inside of you.”

“That’s why people are so attracted to the culture of victimhood. It gives them a pass,” concluded Owens. “I think there is a correlation between the culture of victimhood and suicide.”

Right-Wing Darlings Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens Blame PC Culture for Celeb Suicides