Huckabee, Rubio Screw Up Twitter Responses to Annapolis Shooting

Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee need better social media managers.
Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee need better social media managers. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Mike Huckabee can’t even pay tribute to shooting victims without whining about the media.

The former Arkansas governor and wannabe Twitter comedian took to his blog this morning, ostensibly to memorialize the five Capital Gazette staffers killed during a shooting yesterday in Annapolis, Maryland.

Huckabee was able to behave himself for most of the post.

“A big salute to the staff of the Gazette, who despite being traumatized and losing staffers to death and injury, vowed that the next day’s edition would come out,” he wrote.

But Huckabee still couldn’t resist painting the media as a whole with a broad brush, even while praising some of its members.

“In a time when journalism has been driven into low regard among the public by some of its more visible practitioners’ bias, egomania and lax regard for fact-checking, the Gazette staff just reminded the world what real journalistic professionalism and courage under fire look like,” he wrote.

Um, thank you?

But even more than the post itself, its illustration rankled many readers. Huckabee topped his tribute to the Gazette with a photo of… himself.

Even more strangely, when Huckabee tweeted out the post the featured image was two differently sized smiling photos of himself, side by side.

On one hand, it’s not that surprising that Huckabee would feature his own photo on his blog. But there’s no doubt a smiling headshot wasn’t the best way to convey grief for dead journalists.

Huckabee wasn’t the only politician whose tech support team took the day off, however.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was roundly condemned after tweeting his take in the ongoing civility debate.

The headline “Marco Rubio doesn’t like reporters saying fuck” would’ve made news any day. But the fact that Rubio decided to tweet this missive the day after journalists were killed in a mass shooting was particularly tone deaf.

As such, Rubio became the latest public figure to fall victim to Twitter’s “ratio” rule: If there are more replies on a given tweet than likes and retweets, that means the tweet was truly controversial.

So far, Rubio’s tweet has 1,400 retweets, 7,000 likes and 27,000 comments.

Finally, Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is in hot water over a full-throated defense of the Second Amendment she tweeted right after the shooting yesterday.

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant then retweeted this, opening him up to massive criticism.

Just goes to show that most politicians need much better social media teams. Huckabee, Rubio Screw Up Twitter Responses to Annapolis Shooting