Radio Host’s Offensive Tweet Shows Men Still Aren’t Prepared for #MeToo

This brought the ratio to new levels.

John Williams. YouTube

The ratio sure is getting a workout today.

Twitter’s golden rule states that if there are more replies on a given tweet than likes and retweets, the tweet is truly controversial.

And Chicago radio personality John Williams just proved that in spectacular fashion.

Last night, the host on station WGN in the Windy City decided to share his thoughts on the #MeToo movement (always a risky move for a man).

Williams’ WGN co-worker Amy Guth tweeted that a man with curly hair eyed her curly hair and said, “Damn girl, our babies would look fly as hell.”

Apparently Williams didn’t believe this story, because he quoted Guth’s tweet with an offensive postscript.

Over the past day, a posse of women has confirmed that this does, indeed, happen. They’ve also broken the ratio wide open.

The tweet currently has 36 likes and three retweets. But it’s notched over 1,100 comments and growing.

Both men and women have commented on the post, and many have tweeted some variation of “John, you’re an idiot.”

Others shared their own painful stories of sexual harassment.

Williams stubbornly won’t back down, however: he hasn’t deleted the tweet or commented further on his missive.

But this is a bigger issue than just one offensive tweet. Men as a whole have proven unprepared for recent sexual harassment revelations.

A recent survey from Glamour and GQ found that 41 percent of males haven’t even heard of #MeToo. Only 31 percent of men had talked about these issues with a female friend, while 47 percent hadn’t discussed them with anyone at all.

More than 80 percent of men said accusations of sexual misconduct could harm the reputations of people who don’t deserve it (like George Takei).

Some men are even angry that the movement exists at all, because it will interfere with their love lives.

“Men are getting pushed out of the flirting game,” one respondent said. “Most women these days are turning to each other for sex.”

When sentiments like this are so pervasive, Williams’ feelings sadly aren’t that surprising. Hopefully this tweet’s head-spinning ratio will convince him (and other men) that sexual misconduct is a real problem.

Radio Host’s Offensive Tweet Shows Men Still Aren’t Prepared for #MeToo